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Visual Art

The Belmont Public Schools has a long standing tradition of offering an outstanding program in the visual arts. The program is consistently recognized for its excellence by major art colleges across the country. Student artwork has won national recognition by Scholastic Arts. The program is staffed by twelve high qualified art educators. 

The visual arts curriculum of the Belmont Public Schools has been designed to provide students with rich opportunities in developing skills and knowledge in both creating art and responding to art. The program also promotes awareness and understanding of the connections between visual art and other arts and disciplines through the study of the arts of other cultures and historical periods. Through our curriculum, students also come to understand the purpose of the arts as a means of personal expression, as well as its role in our daily lives. 

The goals for the visual arts program are consistent with the National Standards for Visual Art, as well as with the standards articulated in the Massachusetts Arts Curriculum Framework.

Learning Benchmarks



Our mission is to educate all students in a supportive, nurturing and challenging environment by providing them with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities for expression in art, music, drama and dance that enable them to participate actively as consumers and makers of the arts in a diverse global community.

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