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COVID-Precautions in VPA Classrooms

K-4 Buildings

We are hopeful that there will not be any distancing restrictions in addition to mask wearing. This would allow us to use the art and music classrooms in each building and go back to a more normal instructional model than we were in at any point last year. 

Visual Art 

  • Students will wash or sanitize their hands before and after using any shared materials. 
  • Any items that can be cleaned (paint brushes, markers, etc.) can be wiped before/after use. 
  • Since students will remain masked at all times, if there are no additional distancing requirements then we can use the art tables in the classrooms as usual


  • Students will remain masked at all times, including while singing. 
  • Students will sanitize hands before/after class, and when using any shared instruments.
  • NO WIND INSTRUMENTS (i.e. recorders) will be used. We may revisit this later in the year if the COVID situation vastly improves, but we do not plan to use recorders at all this year. 
  • With no additional distancing requirements, students will be able to utilize the entire music classroom space for movement/dance activities as they have in the past.

String Lessons

  • Students will remain masked at all times, sanitize hands before and after each lesson.
  • There are no shared materials for these lessons, and no COVID guidelines that differ from any other classroom in the building.
  • We will work with principals to identify instructional space for these lessons in case cafeterias are not available due to extended lunch service periods.


Again, with no physical distancing requirements we can use our regular spaces at CMS and BHS for all activities this year.

Visual Art

  • same as above


  • Students will remain masked at all times, including while singing. 
  • At BHS, the new Chorus Room will provide ample opportunity to space students.
  • At CMS, we can fit in the Chorus Room with no distancing requirement. Should we be asked to distance we will need to shuffle classrooms as we did last year.


  • Students will remain masked at all times, sanitize hands.
  • Any shared instruments will be wiped clean before and after use with non-alcohol based wipes that are safe for wooden instruments.


  • Students will be provided with “musician masks”, which allow wind instruments to be played through a flap in the mask.
  • Students will be provided with bell covers for the ends of their instruments.
  • If the CMS Band Room is deemed too small for reasonable distancing we will shuffle classrooms as we did last year.
  • The new BHS Band Room should provide sufficient space for reasonable distancing. 


  • Students will remain masked at all times, including while singing.


We have tentatively scheduled a regular school year worth of concerts and performances. The earliest events are scheduled to take place just before Thanksgiving at BHS. As we lead up to those dates the information will be verified with the appropriate principals and Superintendent to discuss any limitations on audience size that need to be put in place, or any other measures that need to be taken depending on the COVID climate at that time.

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