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Deadline Approaching for Grade 4 Strings Enrollment!

date 9/8/2020

Enrollment is OPEN for the Grade 4 Beginning Strings program!

Lessons will be offered REMOTELY to start the year, but we hope to transition to in-person lessons as the district shifts to hybrid and in-person instruction. 

Here are the basics of the program we will be offering this fall:

  • All lessons will be taught by Ms. Dagon, who has been our Grade 4-5 string teacher for the past three years.
  • Students may select either the VIOLIN or CELLO to start the year. Students who wish to play the viola should sign up for violin to start, and they will have the opportunity to transition once we are able to return to in-person lessons.
  • The lesson program will consist of:
    • An instructional video posted by Ms. Dagon each week, demonstrating new techniques and assigning practice material.
    • An optional “live” lesson - via Google Meet - held during lunch time once per week.
      • Monday: Burbank
      • Tuesday: Wellington
      • Thursday: Butler
      • Friday: Winn Brook
  • The Belmont Public Schools requires a Participation Fee ($250) for this program. 
    • Fee Waivers and reductions are available by application (see below).
    • The Belmont Scholars program at Powers Music School provides free or reduced private lessons to any student who qualifies for a fee waiver or reduction.
  • Instruments can be rented online through our vendor, David French Music, and will be delivered to Belmont. You may acquire an instrument elsewhere, but only David French Music will deliver to our schools.

To enroll in the Grade 4 Strings Program:

  1. Complete this form
  2. Pay the Grade 4-5 Instrumental Music Fee or apply for a Fee Waiver
  3. Rent your instrument from David French Music. *Contact Arto Asadoorian, aasadoorian@belmont.k12.ma.us, if you believe you qualify for a free or reduced price instrument rental.
  4. Contact Powers Music School if you are interested in the Belmont Scholars Program.
  5. Wait for information from us about picking up your instrument and get excited for your first lesson!

Questions about the string program? Contact Arto Asadoorian, Director of Visual & Performing Arts - aasadoorian@belmont.k12.ma.us

We ask that you enroll and rent your instrument online no later than Sept. 28 in order to ensure that your instrument is delivered in time for your first lesson.