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Best Communities for Music Education


I am proud to announce that Belmont has been selected as one of the "Best Communities for Music Education" by the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM). This distinction has become an annual honor for our community over the past several years, and one places Belmont among a small number of communities nationwide to earn this distinction on a recurring basis.

Some characteristics that make Belmont a “Best Community for Music Education” in the eyes of NAMM include:

  • The amount of instructional time devoted to music education, K-12.
  • The number of students engaged in music education, during the school day and as a part of after-school activities.
  • The valuable musical experiences that students have access to during the school day.
  • The outstanding level of performance by our ensembles (band, chorus and orchestra) at the middle and high school levels.
  • The high level if individual achievement among our students.
  • A wide variety of non-performance based music electives at the middle and high school levels.
  • The experience, expertise and programmatic leadership of the music faculty.
  • Passionate support for the merits music education from principals and central office administration.
  • Financial support, including staffing and materials, from the school district.
  • Extra support from Parents of Music Students (POMS) and the Foundation for Belmont Education (FBE).
  • The wealth of musical opportunities and experiences available to students in Belmont outside of school, in their home community.

All of these things make Belmont worthy of this distinction from the NAMM foundation, and they make Belmont a wonderful place to teach music. On behalf of the entire K-12 Music Faculty, I would like to congratulate the Belmont Public Schools and the community for once again earning the distinction of “Best Community for Music Education”. We thank you for your enthusiastic and unwavering support of music education in our schools, and for the opportunity to work with our amazing students each day.

With great pride –

Arto Asadoorian

Director of Visual & Performing Arts, Belmont Public Schools

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Our mission is to educate all students in a supportive, nurturing and challenging environment by providing them with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities for expression in art, music, drama and dance that enable them to participate actively as consumers and makers of the arts in a diverse global community.

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