Grades 4-6 Music

The Band, Chorus and Orchestra programs in Belmont are recognized statewide for their long history of excellence. Students who enroll in these programs develop creative, artistic and intellectual skills in a unique and exciting way. 

Students in Grade 4 have the opportunity to begin studying a string instrument during the school day in addition to their classroom music experience.

In Grade 5, students choose to enroll in either Orchestra (string instruments), Chorus (singing) or Band (beginning wind and percussion instruments).

In Grade 6 students may choose Band, Chorus, Orchestra or Music Exploration (classroom music).

Grade 4: Strings (Orchestra)

Students in Grade 4 can choose a string instrument to study as a part of our Orchestra Program. Each week students receive a 45-minute group lesson during the school day. In addition, fourth grade string students may enroll in Saturday Morning Music School  to receive an additional group lesson and to play in an orchestra with fourth graders from all Belmont elementary schools.

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Instrument choices:   Violin, Viola, Cello (Bass is offered with prior approval of the string teachers)

School Lesson Times
Burbank Mondays
Wellington Tuesdays or Wednesdays
Butler Thursdays
Winn Brook Wednesdays or Fridays


Grade 4 String Teacher
Job Salazar Fonseca

Grade 5: Band, Chorus & Orchestra

Grade 5 students can choose to continue on their string instrument, to sing in Chorus or to begin instruction on one of several wind instruments at the foundation of our Band Program. Students in Grade 5 Music will receive two (2) 50-minute group lessons each week and will participate in two (2) 50-minute Band, Chorus or Orchestra rehearsals, all during the school day.

Band Instrument choices: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone

Faculty Instrument
Meg Dagon Strings
Jaclyn Viscardi
Joe Wright
Brass & Percussion
Sara Carson Chorus

Saturday Morning Music School

Saturday Morning Music School (SMMS) is an enrichment program intended to enhance the level of instrumental instruction offered to students each week. While students are certainly encouraged to enroll in SMMS, it is not a requirement for participation in the Instrumental Music Program. Registration for SMMS is separate from your registration for the "in-school" Instrumental Music program, and requires payment of a separate tuition fee.

For additional information about SMMS, including registration information, please visit