Grades 4-6 Music

CUE Music - Overview

The Band, Chorus and Orchestra programs in Belmont are recognized statewide for their long history of excellence. Students who enroll in these programs develop creative, artistic and intellectual skills in a unique and exciting way. The CUE Music Program is designed to provide opportunities for students to explore various ways to make music and to foster the development of the most fundamental aspects of musicianship.

Grade 4 Music

All students in Grade 4 will attend one General Music class per week. Additionally, each student will elect to participate in either Band, Chorus or Orchestra as part of their Music experience. 

  • Students who prefer a vocal music (singing) experience should select Chorus.

  • String instruments included in Orchestra are violin, viola and cello. Students interested in playing bass will typically begin on cello, but parents can reach out the CUE Strings teachers to talk about options for bass.

  • Beginning Band in Grade 4 includes the following wind instruments - flute, clarinet, trumpet and trombone. Additional instrument options become available in 5th and 6th Grade. Should your child be considering one of the future options, we suggest you follow the progression below.

Students will participate in one Band, Chorus or Orchestra rehearsal per week. In addition, they attend one small group instrument or voice lesson as a part of their participation in Band, Chorus or Orchestra. All classes, lessons and rehearsals take place during the regular school day.

Grade 5 and Grade 6 Music

In Grades 5 and 6, students have four options available for their Music experience.

  • General Music Class
  • Band
  • Chorus
  • Orchestra

Students who enjoyed their first year of Band, Chorus or Orchestra are encouraged to continue in those programs. Those who are looking for a differnet kind of classroom music experience may elect the General Music Class option. Each of these classes meet twice per week. Additionally, students in Band, Chorus or Orchestra  attend one group instrument or voice lesson per week. All classes, lessons and rehearsals take place during the regular school day. Additional optional after-school activities in music take place after school, but are not a requirement for participation.

Additional instruments become available for students to study in Grades 5 and Grade 6.

Grade 5 Additions: Oboe, Alto Saxophone, French Horn, Euphonium, Tuba, Percussion, String Bass

Grade 6 Additions: Bassoon, Tenor and Baritone Saxophones

Students who are planning to switch to a new instrument in Grade 5 or 6 should follow this suggested logical progression:

  • Clarinet --> Alto Saxophone --> Tenor/Baritone Saxophone
  • Flute  --> Oboe --> Bassoon
  • Trumpet --> French Horn
  • Trombone or Trumpet --> Euphonium or Tuba
  • Flute, Clarinet or Trumpet --> Percussion
  • Cello --> String Bass

Please reach out to one of your Music teachers for guidance if you have any questions.

Instrument Rental

There is no Participation Fee for any of our in-school music offerings, including Band, Chorus and Orchestra. 

While we cannot provide instruments for every student in Band or Orchestra, our district will facilitate the process for families to rent high-quality instruments for their students at a reasonable cost. Families are free to rent or purchase an instrument from any vendor they choose. 

David French Music is the vendor who will deliver instruments directly to CUE and who will make weekly visits to our schools to handle any repairs or equipment delieveries that are necessary. We highly recommend that families rent from David French Music because of the quality of instruments they provide as well as their impeccable level of service and responsiveness. 

Should you choose to rent or purchase elsewhere, remember that quality matters - students will have the best chance at success on their new instrument if it is a high quality beginner-level instrument. There are many inexpensive instruments available for purchase online, but like with many things, "you get what you pay for". 

*Please note that young Orchestra students play fractional-sized string instruments. Families should plan to rent (not purchase) a string instrument for the first few years, while their child is still growing.

Financial Assistance

Families who qualify for financial assistance will be provided with a scholarship instrument from David French Music, or with a school-owned instrument that they may use free of charge. Eligible students may also qualify for free or reduced tuition to programs at Powers Music School, including Saturday Morning Music School for beginners, and weekly provate lessons for older students.

Please contact Erin Hudkins,, or (617) 993-5990 to inquire about these programs.



Grade 4 Music Selection

Grade 5 Music Selection

Grade 6 Music Selection

Instrument Rental Information

Saturday Morning Music School

Saturday Morning Music School (SMMS) is an enrichment program intended to enhance the level of instrumental instruction offered to students each week. While students are certainly encouraged to enroll in SMMS, it is not a requirement for participation in the Instrumental Music Program. Registration for SMMS is separate from your registration for the "in-school" Instrumental Music program, and requires payment of a separate tuition fee.

For additional information about SMMS, including registration information, please visit