Classroom Music

Classroom Music instruction is part of the comprehensive curriculum offered to all CMS students in Grades 5-8. 

In Grade 5, Classroom Music runs in partnership with the Grade 5 Chorus. Students participate in two (2) 50-minute chorus rehearsals per six-day cycle as well as two Classroom Music sessions per cycle. The Classroom Music curriculum in Grade 5 is focused on vocal health and technique as well as music literacy skills.

Classroom Music in Grades 6-8 meets twice per six-day cycle, and offers a wide range of musical experiences designed to help students make music a part of their lives. Students experience music from a variety of genres, composers, performers, historical periods and cultures. They learn to play instruments like ukelele, guitar and African drums. They compose music using a advanced technology (iPads) and...not-so-advanced technology (Boomwhackers!) 

For more information about the CMS Classroom Music program please contact your teacher.