Digital Art

Figure SculptureDigital Art 1.This course introduces the student to basic skills needed in sculptural and three-dimensional design. Students will develop concepts and technical skills through the use of a variety of materials including: paper, wood, plaster, clay, wire, and stone. Students will learn proper and safe use of the basic tools required to create works in 3D. Students will use historical and contemporary art as a departure point for designing works of their own. This is a beginning course; no previous experience is necessary. No Prerequisite

Sculpture 2. This course builds upon the skills and knowledge acquired in Sculpture 1. Students will continue to develop skills in modeling and carving as well as exploring techniques in mixed media and personal pursuits in three dimensions. Projects will include a life size clay head, stone carving, public sculpture as well as design projects in architecture, product design and fashion. Students will research ideas found in historical and contemporary art to be used as a departure point for their own original work Students will use this body of work for exhibition and the development of a portfolio.

Figure Sculpture. In this class students will use the human and animal figure in clay, plaster, wood, wire and stone as a departure point for original and expressive works in three dimensions. Students will use both additive and reductive techniques to represent the figure realistically, expressionistically and abstractly. This course will build on prior knowledge of working in three dimensions and expand their knowledge of materials and techniques while focusing on the figure as a source for inspiration.