3D Art

3D Art 1

This introductory sculpture and ceramics course exposes students to basic concepts of three dimensional art making. Students will work with a variety of media to explore the creation of different kinds of forms and surfaces. Students will explore how color and form interact on all projects with a variety of media including paint and glaze. Many projects will be created out of clay and fired in the kiln as well as the use of mixed materials such as cardboard, paper mache and wire. Students will be introduced to throwing on the potter's wheel.

3D Art 2

This course is designed for students who have completed 3DArt 1 and want to continue their pursuits in working three dimensionally. Students will have the opportunity to pursue working on the potter's wheel, handbuilding with clay and other more rigorous projects in a variety of media. New techniques will be introduced and applied in more complex ways than in 3D Art 1. Students will be exposed to a variety of historical sources to draw inspiration from for their work.

3D Art 3 (Honors)

This course is designed for students who have successfully completed 3d Art 1 and 2. Students will work on more challenging projects individually designed to reflect their personal ambitions. More advanced techniques in clay and glaze surfaces will be explored as well as the opportunity to pursue large scale projects in a variety of media.