School Lunch

Students can either buy lunch or bring a lunch from home. If student buys lunch regularly or semi-regularly it is easiest to use the MySchoolBucks prepay system. Parents will receive a letter mailed home that includes how to enroll in the program and student's four digit Personal Identification Number, or PIN. When students go through the lunch line they will enter their PIN. We recommend that students memorize their PIN in order to make the meal line move faster. However, if student forgets his/her PIN, don’t worry, it can be accessed at any register. 

Forgotten Lunch: If student forgets lunch/lunch money student may charge a lunch to be reimbursed the following day or through the MySchoolBucks account.


Chenery Middle Lunch News


Chenery Lunch Menu - September 2021

Chenery Lunch Menu - October 2021

Chenery Lunch Menu - November / December 2021

Chenery Lunch Menu - January / February 2022

Chenery Lunch Menu - March / April 2022

Chenery Lunch Menu - May / June 2022


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Submit Free and Reduced Meal Applications Online! Click here

**NOTE: Free and reduced meal applications must be completed each school year to obtain meal benefits.**

Completed applications can be sent to: Dustin O'Brien, Belmont High School, 221 Concord Ave, Belmont, MA 02478


Five essential components must be offered every day: fruit, vegetables, grains, meat/meat alternatives and milk. Students must take 3 out of the 5 to make it count as a reimbursable meal, one of which has to be a fruit or vegetable. If a student arrives at the register with less than 3 items, they may opt to return to serving area for additional items until the requirements are met. Otherwise, items selected will be charged a la carte. This applies to free, reduced and full pay students. In order for free, reduced or paid meals to be eligible for reimbursement, a full meal must be taken. These guidelines are set forth by the USDA and are not adjustable by Belmont Public Schools. More information on Offer vs. Serve is available here