COVID Routine Safety Checks - Pooled Testing for Grade 5

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Dear Grade 5 Parents/Guardians,

The Chenery will be piloting COVID Routine Safety Checks (pooled testing) beginning this week with the fifth grade.

Chenery originally signed up for the DESE/CIC Veritas Saliva take-home sample collection. At that time, that was the only take home option. Veritas, the company supplying the sample collection kits, is now offering a nasal swab take-home sample collection, which is much easier to produce than saliva.

Belmont has chosen to implement the nasal swab take-home sample collection for both the Chenery and Belmont High School. Students are more familiar with the nasal swab collection versus the saliva that will make the at-home process easier.

We begin this week with the 5th grade students

On Monday or Tuesday, your 5th grade students will receive COVID nasal take-home sample collection kits, provided they have a consent on file along with instructions on the process. If you have not submitted a consent, you can still submit consent but participation in testing this week will not take place. CIC did not send out confirmation emails. Please do not submit another consent if one has already been submitted.

  • The kits will contain instructions on sample collection AND registration of kits. This is done via a QR code scan or typing the barcode from a phone or computer.
  • All sample collection and registration takes place at home preferably on Wednesday morning before school.
  • Students will drop off their samples at school on Wednesdays.

Pools are randomly selected. Please remember that NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS! Individual results are not available due to the nature of the testing. Individuals will be contacted if they are identified as a close contact to a positive individual in the event of a positive pool.

Mary Elizabeth  (Beth) Rumley, M.Ed.,BS, RN
Belmont Public Schools Director of Nursing

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