Picture Day at CMS - POSTPONED

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CMS Picture day Postponed!


  • No forms need to be returned by parents.    
  • Photo identification cards/tickets will be sent to the school prior to Picture Day.  
  • The cards are labeled individually for each student and sorted alpha then separated by classroom.  
  • The cards are to be distributed by the school staff member (teacher/coordinator/parent volunteer) to each student as they approach the photographer and then hand to the photographer before the student removes their mask for their photograph.  
  • These cards are very important as they are the only way we have to identify the student in the photograph.  Please handle with care!    
  • No groups photos will be taken and all photography will take place outdoors.  
  • In the event of inclement weather, our photographers will make every effort to photograph the students using a doorway or overhang. 

Individual print orders will be mailed directly to the home address as provided on your order. The preorder option will be available until 10/8/21. If parents do not order by 10/8/21, they will receive a NO BUY of their child with instructions to go online to order.  

Click on this link www.haywardphotography.com and use your school code to place your order: CHEN21

Due to COVID19 guidelines, Individual Print Orders will be Mailed DIRECTLY to the home address. A $4.00 shipping/handling charge will be added upon checkout. Optional retouching and protective coating available upon checkout.

Please see the attached flyer for more information.


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