Chenery Middle School Update - Week of September 12, 2021

September 12, 2021

Dear CMS Community,

It was so wonderful to see our school community come back together last week! 

Many of us were excited to have a sense of school that is much more like the school experience we remember from many months ago. Thank you to all of our faculty and staff as well as our nearly 1400 students for making the first few days such a pleasure.

On our first day, each grade met with administration to review our expectations as a school community. We all must strive to align with our core values of RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and READY TO LEARN every day. Please click HERE to review the slides we shared with the Lower School students. Click HERE to review the slides we shared with Upper School students. 

Faculty and staff are using the first days of school to help students feel connected and part of a classroom and team community. As we know, when students feel safe and connected, they are better able to learn. The happy buzz of school is back and we strive to help every student feel they are a valued member of our community where everyone belongs. 

We will continue to employ appropriate measures to keep our community as healthy as we are able with layered mitigation strategies. We ask that families provide your students with a mask that fits well and does not slip below their noses. We would like to avoid additional stress for students and staff with constant reminders to “pull up your mask please.” If students need a mask, we can provide a surgical one that can be manipulated to fit snugly over the nose without pinching. Please have your child ask the main office if that is helpful.

Please see other updates below. We have corrected any dates that may have been in error in our last update.

Best Regards,

Karla B. Koza


Table of Content

 BPS Health Protocols

Please be sure to carefully review the protocols for testing and the changes in quarantine rules. This information was emailed to you on September 7. Click HERE for that email. 


Important Upcoming Dates

Friday, September 17

Old School T-Shirt Spirit Day - Sponsored by Student Council

Wednesday, September 22

Anti-Bullying – Orange Shirt Day - Sponsored by Student Council

Friday, September 24


Grade 5 Family Meet & Greet - Under the Big Tent

Wednesday, September 29


Curriculum Night Lower School (Details Coming Soon)

Thursday, September 30

2:30-4:30pm – Outside

5th & 6th Grade Karaoke - Sponsored by Student Council


Tuesday, October 5

Picture Day

Wednesday, October 6


Curriculum Night Upper School (Details Coming Soon)

Friday, October 8

Breast Cancer Awareness Day - Sponsored by Student Council

Monday, October 11

No School

Indigenous Peoples Day

Wednesday, October 13

Early Release - Middle School Parent Conferences (Details Coming Soon)

Wednesday, October 20

Early Release - Middle School Parent Conferences (Details Coming Soon)

Sunday, October 17

First Quarter Progress Reports Released 

Wednesday, October 27

Early Release - Middle School Parent Conferences (Details Coming Soon)


Helpful District and School Documents

CMS Days of the Cycle Calendar

CMS Weekly Schedule

CMS Term Dates 

BPS District Calendar


After School Opportunities for Students

Please see our website HERE to learn more about school and PTO sponsored clubs and activities. We are still working on final details for some clubs. To register or apply for a fee waiver, print and fill out The Application Form. You may pay the activities fee with a check made out the Town of Belmont at the CMS main office or online here


Food Service Update for 2021-2022 School Year

Wondering what lunch will look like for your child this year? Click HERE for details on menus, distancing, etc.


CMS Student Council

Click here for CMS Student Council Calendar of Events 21-22


Parent Drop Off Procedure CHANGE!

Last school year, we had far more parent drop off vehicles around the school each morning than in previous years. This created traffic and safety concerns. This summer the CMS administrative team worked with the Belmont Police Department to find a safer route system. 

Most important to note that the intersection of Washington, Goden, and Oakely will be BLOCKED. 

All traffic will be diverted from Washington street to multiple side streets to alleviate some congestion and most importantly, create safer conditions for our students as they navigate crossing streets to get to school. Please be mindful of speed and pay attention to police detail who will help you learn our new system.

Returning to School at CMS 2021-2022 School Year

As you may have noticed, the FAQ put out by the Central Office contains additional information from the week prior. You can review it HERE. 

Our overarching mandate from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) is to have all students in school every day, on our regular schedule, doing most of the activities that school usually entails.  In order to meet this mandate, distancing requirements will need to be relaxed.

However, we have several mitigation strategies we will continue to use including the Belmont Board of Health and BPS School Committee and DESE mask mandate that requires the wearing of masks by all adults and students inside school buildings. Hand washing, sanitizing and cleaning will still remain part of our daily routines. 

Here’s how the information sent out by the Central Office activates at Chenery Middle School.

Classroom Setup

  • Desks will be set up in rows as baseline format. 
  • If a classroom has tables, students will be distanced when possible. 
  • Teachers have flexibility to gather students in pairs/groups by moving desks or using a rug in conjunction with best practice for learning.

Mask Breaks

  • Teachers must allow mask breaks to any student who requires or requests one. 
  • Teachers have discretion as to how to do this.

Sharing Materials

  • Students and staff may share materials. 
  • Regular washing/sanitizing of hands throughout the day.


  • Students will be allowed to use shared hallways and gym lockers. They are not required to use them. 
  • PE Locker rooms will be for short periods of time at the start and end of PE classes. 


  • We will be using two cafeterias to start the year - the indoor cafeteria and the large tent on the plaza. On bad weather days or when it becomes cold consistently, we will move to one cafeteria indoors.
  • The indoor cafeteria has seating for students at our cafeteria tables. Students will sit in every other stool when indoors. The tent has students in rows facing in the same direction.
  • Students will continue to help in the cleaning process of eating areas prior to going to recess. 
  • For the indoor cafeteria, students must keep masks on at all times except when eating. As we did last year, we will move students along to recess outside in order to minimize unmasked time. 
  • Teams will continue to sit together in a rotation similar to last year.


  • Outdoor recess will occur most days. 
  • Students and staff do NOT have to wear masks when outdoors. They may do so if they wish.

Building Operational Measures

  • Air purifiers in every classroom and office.
  • Daily cleaning throughout the building. 

ENCORE Class Safety Measures

Physical Education

  • PE classes may take place inside with masks or outside without masks.
  • Students will wash/sanitize their hands after using any equipment.

Visual Arts, Engineering, Science Labs

  • Students will wash or sanitize their hands before and after using any shared materials. 
  • Any items that can be cleaned (paint brushes, markers, etc.) can be wiped before/after use. 
  • Since students will remain masked at all times, if there are no additional distancing requirements then we can use the art tables in the classrooms as usual with no plexiglass.


  • Students will remain masked at all times, including while singing. 
  • Students will sanitize hands before/after class, and when using any shared instruments.
  • With no additional distancing requirements, students will be able to utilize the entire music classroom space for movement/dance activities as they have in the past.


  • Students will remain masked at all times, including while singing. 


  • Students will remain masked at all times and sanitize hands regularly.
  • Any shared instruments will be wiped clean before and after use with non-alcohol based wipes that are safe for wooden instruments.


  • Students will be provided with “musician masks,” which allow wind instruments to be played through a flap in the mask.
  • Students will be provided with bell covers for the ends of their instruments.

Middle School and the 1:1 Program

When the pandemic took hold, it became necessary to provide each child at CMS with a device to connect them with our classrooms and teachers. While there were many challenges in this emergency learning situation, we did learn a lot about how the use of technology can be helpful as a teaching, learning, and organizational tool.

 What Will Technology Look Like in Classrooms This Year?

It is important to note that any learning happening in our school is purposeful, meaningful, builds skills and knowledge to prepare students for life. 

  • Technology will be used in some capacity on a daily basis with our students with this in mind. 
  • Teachers and staff look to guide students in how to use technology as a tool for learning as well as how to be good digital citizens. 
  • We do not anticipate students will be on their devices all day, every day. Paper, pencils, art supplies, instruments, sporting equipment, and many other hands-on materials will be utilized each day.
  • Students will see a blend of teaching strategies that seek to meet the learning needs and interests of each child. 
  • Teachers have flexibility and discretion on how to best use technology as a learning tool.

Chromebooks As Learning Devices, Not Entertainment

We encourage students to think of their Chromebooks as a tool for learning and not an entertainment device. Parents can encourage students to avoid device use by having a set time to charge up (in a backpack is helpful for grab and go the next day). Immersing ourselves in other activities are very important to our wellbeing and development. 

As a helpful measure to support students in understanding their devices are for learning, on Friday, September 3rd, Chenery students will no longer have the ability to install Chrome extensions or apps on their district-owned Chromebook, or any other device used in conjunction with their belmontschools.net account. This new restriction is needed in order to limit the number of extensions and apps used by students which are not directly related to their school work. Similarly, any app or extension already installed on a district Chromebook, and not approved by the district, will be automatically disabled. Apps and extensions already approved by the district for student use will not be affected. 

If a student requires an app or extension for their school work, and it is no longer available on their device after September 3rd, please submit a request for review to: studentsupport@belmontschools.net

If you have questions about how devices will be used for teaching and learning, contact your child’s teachers or administration. If you have questions about the technical aspects of Chromebooks, please send an e-mail to: studentsupport@belmontschools.net

Supply Lists

If you are looking for supply lists, please see our website under “Resources” or click THIS link.

How to Sign Up For CMS Email

To receive the communications sent out on the Chenery Middle School listserv, click HERE.

Bus Registration

A reminder to register your child for the bus transportation this year. As you may recall, the roads around CMS were extremely crowded last year due to a large increase in parent drop off/pick up. Please consider bus transportation or walking to school to alleviate congestion and potentially dangerous conditions for our student walkers.

If you require busing and have not yet registered your child, you may inquire by emailing busing@belmont.k12.ma.us. We will continue to register students while seating is available. 

Please note that BPS will not register additional bus students during the period beginning Monday, September 6th through Friday, September 17th. Registration will resume on Monday, September 20th and continue while seating remains available. For additional transportation information, please visit: www.belmont.k12.ma.us/bps/bus-faq or email busing@belmont.k12.ma.us


Principal Karla Koza



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