Incoming Grade 6 World Language Preferences for 2021-2022

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In grade six, students take a foreign language course that meets every day for two terms. They continue studying the same language in grades seven and eight. Therefore, the preference your student selects now is a three-year commitment to the same foreign language.

All languages are taught at the beginner level, so students who speak one of these languages at home should select a different language preference to study at Chenery. Heritage speakers will have the opportunity to study their heritage language at a more advanced level at Belmont High School.

It is important to note, and for you to consider when making your language preference selection, that we will make every effort to place students in their first preference of a language. However, due to various scheduling factors, we sometimes have to place students in their second preference of a language. Please be sure your student is comfortable with both the first and second preference that they indicate.

Please follow the link to the overview of the foreign language curriculum at Chenery Middle School. Curriculum - World Languages.

Any questions please contact Colleen Foley, Director of Foreign Language for the Belmont Public Schools: cfoley@belmont.k12.ma.us (617) 993-5950

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