Chenery PTO Annual Appeal Update

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Annual Appeal Update

The Chenery PTO Annual Appeal is happening NOW. We thank the 176 donors who have already donated $20,470 to help us reach our goal of $35,000. This means that 15% of the 1165 families at Chenery have donated, and with a median donation of $100, we are 58% of the way to our goal.

Please remember that this campaign is our only fundraiser of the year. You can donate online or mail a check with this form. Your donation will benefit 1371 students, 258 teachers and staff, and have a direct impact on our community. No amount is too big or too small. Thank you for your support!

-The Chenery PTO Fundraising Team

Read below to hear from Karla Koza, Karen Duff, and Liz Baker about the impact of your donation.  

The Power of PTO

“It is hard to quantify the impact the PTO and your help with the annual appeal has on Chenery Middle School. We have almost 1400 diverse learners with so many interests and skills. The PTO truly helps students discover who they are, what they are interested in, and what it means to be a productive member of our school and their world. 

With the monies raised in the annual appeal, your child and classmates can:

  • Meet new friends and gain new skills through PTO clubs and social events.
  • Take field trips to enrich their knowledge gained in the classroom and bring it to life.
  • Have hands-on opportunities to explore and create through performance.
  • Be impacted by speakers that help them understand what it means to be kind, be an upstander, and resist harmful choices.
  • Meet authors whose words they are reading in their classrooms.
  • Repair and renew areas like our playground and courtyard. 

With monies raised in the annual appeal, you are actively supporting your child's teachers in meaningful ways like:

  • Reimbursement for special supplies teachers purchase for students.
  • Coffee trucks, treats on long days, celebrations of their daily impact. Small acts of appreciation go far with educators who work long hours with students at the center of all they do.

Our school would not be the vibrant community that it is without your support through the PTO Appeal. Our kids have amazing experiences because you care enough to donate.

Thank you in advance for your kind support.”

-Karla Koza, Principal of Chenery Middle School

Literary Enrichment

“The Library is grateful for PTO funding for our robust Author Program!

For about 12 years now, the PTO has provided funding to the Chenery Library to bring in a wide variety of authors who represent the many diverse voices representative of the Chenery community, and the world beyond our walls (and screens!). It all started with local author Julie Berry and has grown to include authors that have since, like Julie, become quite famous! These authors include, but are not limited to; Jerry Craft, Mitali Perkins, Renee Watson, Ibi Zoboi, Sheela Chari, Erin Dionne, Sarah Thomson, Chris Tebbetts, Rob Buyea, Raul the Third, and on and on. I thank you for your continued generosity and please know that the time these authors spend with our students/children opens their eyes to a world of stories and ideas for stories! Thank you PTO!”

-Karen Duff, Librarian

Science Enrichment

“The Chenery PTO support of enrichment has enabled students to experience enthralling demonstrations and hands-on investigations through visits from the Discovery Museum. Last year, the PTO enabled fifth graders to take a virtual field trip to Tanzania and hear about how Solar Cows are charging cell phone batteries and getting more children to school. The PTO is always up for a new idea, and its funding is pivotal to getting our large student body enriching experiences and field trips.”

-Liz Baker, BPS Science Curriculum Director 

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