10 April 2022

Family Newsletter - April 11, 2022

Dear Butler Families,

Things are buzzing at Butler these days! Virtual author visits, MCAS testing, recess resets, Discovery Museum visits, and plans for end of the year activities are just a few things happening in the halls and classrooms of Butler. Thank you to the PTA for organizing the Red’s food truck fundraiser last Friday and all the ways they support the staff and students of Butler. 

In this newsletter you will find information about:

  • Placement Reminder for the 22-23 School Year
  • BHS Sock Drive
  • Butler Day at Belmont Books
  • Dogs on School Grounds
  • Grade 4 Strings & BHS Chamber Orchestra Spring Concert
  • Upcoming Dates

All my best,

Placement for the 22-23 School Year

Now that spring is here, we begin to think about student placement for next year. During the placement process, we evaluate how the needs of the individual children will be met while trying to create equitable learning groups at each grade level. This balancing act requires attention to academic abilities, social skills, learning styles, personality traits, and class size, among other considerations which may not be readily apparent to parents and families. Our placement process includes asking current classroom teachers to communicate information that they feel should be considered for the next school year. Classroom teachers have a good understanding of their students, including academic, emotional, and social needs. 

  • For students currently in Grades K through 3 at Butler School: If you would like to share information about your child’s learning style or any significant aspect of your child’s background which may impact his or her best placement, please briefly submit your thoughts on a survey using  this link by Friday, April 15, 2022. Form responses may be shared with teachers.  Please note that placement letters are not kept on file from previous years.

  • For students currently in Grade 4 at Butler School: Chenery will send an electronic parent consideration form to families in May to provide families with the same opportunity to share similar information to inform student placement in middle school. Please do not complete the Butler form for students who are currently in Grade 4. 

Please do not feel there is any advantage in making your perceptions about placement known to us in writing. This is only true and necessary if you have information to share about your child that you do not believe we are aware of already. Equal consideration is given to the needs of every Butler student, regardless of whether or not we have received input from the parents. 

I have confidence that all of our teachers are highly qualified and that they will provide an appropriate education for your child. Parents are asked not to include specific requests for teachers, as they will not be considered during the grouping process. If all specific teacher requests were to be honored, it is very likely that the personality of a class could be overwhelming for both the teacher and the students. 

Please trust our professional judgment as we work to provide all of our children with the best possible classroom learning environment. 

BHS Sock Drive

Do you have any new and unused socks? Please don't hesitate to donate them! Homeless people around the world need your help. Homeless shelters are running low on socks. Homeless people walk in inclement weather and most of them walk barefoot. We can help homeless shelters in Boston achieve their goal of having socks to give to new arrivals or families in need. This Sock Drive will help them achieve that goal. 

The Sock Drive will start Monday (April 11th) and it runs until the (15th) pauses for April Break and picks up on April 25th-29th. If you would like to help please drop off donations at one of the following spots: Chenery Middle School, Revolve Belmont MA, Daniel Butler Elementary School, Burbank Elementary School and Belmont High School. If you have a child at one of the schools, you can send them in with your child. If you want to learn more about how you can help visit: Winter Walk.

Again, thank you so much for supporting our idea. It means a lot. Belmont High School students Sophie Harteveldt and Rory Major

Butler Day at Belmont Books  

Wednesday, April 13th is Butler Night at Belmont Books. You can shop online all day at https://www.belmontbooks.com/. From 2-6pm anything you purchase in person will have 20% of the proceeds donated to the Butler PTA. You can purchase books for the school or for your child(ren)’s teacher through wish lists they have provided. First grade teacher Mr. Tavares and school social worker Ms. Quinn will be reading books to students in the store at 5:15pm. Comella’s and Chocolate Dream will also be donating 10% of sales to the 4th Grade Moving on Ceremony. 

Dogs on School Grounds

While many dog owners have been respectful of keeping their dogs off school grounds, please be mindful that some children may be nervous around dogs. If you are walking your child to school with your dog, please allow space around school entry areas for families and children to get to school. Thank you for your cooperation.

Grade 4 Strings & BHS Chamber Orchestra Spring Concert

Please mark your calendars and note the times based on your child's school.

Date: Thursday, April 14th, 2022

Location: Belmont High School Auditorium 


5:30pm Drop off/tuning at BHS
6:00-6:30pm "B Schools" Concert 


7:00pm Drop off/tuning at BHS
7:30-8:00pm "W Schools" Concert  

Our grade 4 string students will gather to play some of our current orchestra repertoire alongside our most advanced high school string students in the district. The BHS Chamber Orchestra will then "wow" us with a brief performance piece of their own. We look forward to sharing this evening with you!

Upcoming Dates

April 11 - MCAS Testing - 4th grade ELA Session 1
April 12 - MCAS Testing - 4th grade ELA Session 2
April 12 - Discovery Museum visits 1st grade
April 13 - Butler Night at Belmont Books
April 14 - Grade 4 Strings & BHS Chamber Orchestra Spring Concert
April 18-22 - Spring Break - No School