Update from the Nurse - February 13, 2022
13 February 2022

Update from the Nurse - February 13, 2022


Update from the Nurse

Valentine’s Day Reminder

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I have a very important reminder.

If your child is planning to bring Valentines to school, please keep in mind our food policy and avoid sending in candy or treats. This is for both the health and safety of all students at the Butler School, including those with life threatening food allergies and other health conditions. Thank you for your attention to this and for keeping our students healthy and safe every day!


Weekly Pool Testing and At Home Antigen testing

A reminder that MONDAY is Pool Testing drop off day at Butler. All samples must be received by 10am on Mondays. Late samples and samples received on days other than Monday will not be tested. 

Remember to register the kit and clearly label the tubes each week. Tubes must include the student’s full name and date of birth (not date of test) as it appears on the consent. Be sure that all information is clear and correct.

Individual results are not reported unless you are part of a positive pool. If your child is part of a positive pool, you will receive an email from Veritas with a link to review the results. Please be sure to open this email. Check your spam folder. 


At Home Antigen Testing

In addition to pool testing, BPS is now offering weekly at-home antigen testing to students and staff. Antigen test kits will be sent home every other week as two tests are included in the box.To Opt-in to this testing, please fill out this form Thank you to all who participate in our testing programs.


Vaccine Information

Vaccination for COVID-19 is the best way to protect everyone from COVID-19 and COVID-19 related complications. The vaccine is safe and free and available to everyone age 5 and over. 

Vaccinating children can help to protect them from getting COVID-19, prevent serious illness if they do get infected with a breakthrough case, keep them in school longer, and protect those around them including high risk family members and younger siblings who may not yet be eligible for the vaccine.

If your child has not yet received the vaccine, please reach out to your school nurse with any questions or for guidance on how and where to get your child vaccinated.

CDC vaccine information


Symptoms and Illness 

Our collective health relies on everyone remaining vigilant and following the daily symptom checker  closely. Please continue to review the symptom checker before leaving for school each day and keep your child home if they have symptoms.

If your student is experiencing symptoms, regardless of vaccination status, be sure to: 

  • Keep your student home

  • Fill out the Butler absence form

  • Call the attendance line at 617-993-5552 (messages can be left 24 hours/day)

  • Get tested (PCR testing still recommended) Forward results to the school nurse. If your student tests positive, please inform your school nurse for a return to school plan for your student

  • Do not send your student back to school until they have been cleared by the school nurse. 

For the latest guidance and more information, please visit our nursing website and reach out to me directly if you have any questions.


Lisa Harteveldt BSN, RN