23 January 2022

Update from the Nurse - January 23, 2022

A reminder that MONDAY is Pool Testing drop off day at Butler. 

  • Please check your student’s backpack for test kits and return them each Monday. 

  • Remember to register the kit and clearly label the tubes each week with your student’s full name and date of birth (not date of test) as it appears on the consent. Be sure that all information is clear and correct.

  • All samples must be received by 10am on Monday. Late samples and samples received on days other than Monday will not be tested.

  • Remember that Pool Testing is for asymptomatic students and staff only. If your student is sick, review the symptom checker, keep your child home, fill out the absence form, and have your child tested outside of school. Receiving an email that you were part of a positive pool can cause stress to families.

Individual results are not reported unless you are part of a positive pool. If your child is part of a positive pool, you will receive an email from Veritas with a link to review the results. Please be sure to open this email. Check your spam folder. If you receive positive results, keep your child home as isolation should begin immediately. CDC Quarantine and Isolation

If your child tests positive for COVID, they CANNOT participate in pool testing for 90 days. You may sign the consent  90 days from your child’s positive test if you want to participate again. I suggest marking this date in your calendar to remember.