Recap of Today's Pilot Pool Testing at Butler
18 October 2021

Recap of Today's Pilot Pool Testing at Butler

Well, today was an exciting day 1 of a very exciting week.


Thanks very much to our school nurse, Lisa Harteveldt, and BPS Director of Nursing, Beth Rumley for all of their work to organize the pilot of pool testing today, which was the first among all of our schools.  Thank you also to our parents and caregivers who have consented to pool testing.  Butler is at just over 70%!  Thanks as well go to our classroom teachers, who were very flexible and patient as we tried to manage this new process with brand new helpers and many unknowns.  Our children were so amazing!!  I personally went to every class and helped our children through this first attempt.  While some were apprehensive, and a few a little nervous,  they were open, brave, and (in many cases) excited to experience this unusual occurrence.  Please know that any child who did not want to participate was honored and supported  (there was only one).  The children also were proud to be the first school to give this a try, and impressed by our National Guard helpers.



Due to the amount of time each class took, and the need to process and pack the kits, it was decided to stop at 1pm.  This meant that we were able to visit 11 out of our 15 classrooms.  We were able to test all classrooms in grades 2-4, and two classrooms in grade 1.  Today was a learning experience and we’ll use what we learned to help improve as necessary. 


Please note that tomorrow, 10/19, is a Wednesday schedule.  Also, this Wednesday 10/20, is an early release with dismissal at 11:40.





Danielle Betancourt, Principal