07 September 2021

Welcome to the New School Year at Butler!


Dear Families,

We are positively thrilled to be opening our doors to the children this week and are excited to begin this new school year together!  I truly hope you have been able to find rest and relaxation over the summer.  I finally got to meet my little niece, who was born just as everything was locking down in March 2020.  We also went to a few outdoor concerts, which was pretty fun.  Below please find information to help us get off to a smooth start.


Staff will be outside beginning at 8:25 and we'll ring the bell and open the doors beginning at 8:33.  Grades K-2 line up near the basketball courts, and grades 3 & 4 line up by the tents.  Classroom teachers will be outside to lead the children in on the first day so that children know where to line up.  Please be sure to have children walk or carry any bicycles, skateboards, or scooters once they get on school property.  We ask that you please try to keep distance between yourself and others, and please wear a mask.  For families that wish to use "drop and go" on White Street, please stay in your car.  A staff member will open the car door and let your child(ren) out.  Please also remember that there are NO U-TURNS on White Street and the gate to our parking lot will be closed, so please do not pull into the lot during school hours.


Dismissal will be at the same spot as arrival.  Please make sure your child has communicated to her/his/their teacher when departing with you.  The playground will be used by BEDP after school, so we ask that you kindly clear the area after collecting your child.  Apologies for this inconvenience, as we are trying to support BEDP in supervising and keeping children safe.  PQ Park is a few blocks away and has lovely equipment.


We will be using both our cafeteria and the tent for lunch at the start of the year.  The children will be sitting at assigned desks and we'll be rotating use of the tent over the course of September and October.  As we did last year, we will have the children remove their masks at the same time, and we will turn our voices off while a video or music is played.  At recess, grade levels will be playing outside together when the weather permits.  Children are not required to wear masks while outdoors, but we will support those who choose to wear a mask outside.  In poor weather, recess will be inside classrooms.  We are still hiring for our Lunch Aide positions, so kindly reach out to me if you know anyone who might be interested.  Lastly, please apply for the free/reduced meal benefit status if you believe your family is eligible.  While all school meals are free once again this year, it is important for families to still apply because it may help you to get other potentially helpful benefits.


We supply all of the materials that your child might need for school work.  Classroom teachers might request donations for things like tissues or hand sanitizer, but there is not a need for families to receive a list of supplies for the start of school.  We do ask that you please provide your child with the following every day:

  • two masks (one to wear and one for "just in case")
  • a water bottle (we have filtered water stations)
  • a healthy snack
  • backpack 


Our dear old building can get both very hot and very cold over the course of a day.  Please dress your child in layers.  Please also LABEL all of your child's belongings, as that will help us return any lost items.


The district is providing devices to all students once again this year.  We use devices for collaboration and practice.  In the upper grades, children practice keyboarding and writing, as well as creating presentations of their learning.  In the younger grades, children might use their iPads for targeted skill practice during a rotation of activities.  Third graders should bring their iPads to school, and their teachers will be distributing Chromebooks to them in the first weeks of school.  Kindergarten students will be getting their iPads at school.  To get assistance for your child's device, contact studentsupport@belmontschools.net


Your child's safety is very important to us.  We are committed to supporting the health and safety of all members of our community.  Please review the Superintendent's Health and Safety updates for more specific information.


  • September 17 - PTA Back to School Picnic (5-7pm)
  • September 23 - Picture Day
  • September 23 - PTA General Meeting 7pm 
  • September 30 - Curriculum Night (6-7:30pm)
  • October 1 - PTA Food Truck Fundraiser

Thank you, sincerely, for your partnership.  Should you have any questions, or need any assistance, please feel welcome to reach out to me. Here's to a healthy, happy, and joyful new school year! 

With every good wish,



Danielle Betancourt, Principal