Butler Multicultural Week is coming!
18 May 2021

Butler Multicultural Week is coming!

We are so excited for Butler Multicultural Week Next Week!

Flag Craft Night will be on Monday May 24 at 6:30 pm (zoom link coming in an email that morning).

Supplies will be coming this week (keep an eye out for a manila envelope).  Please choose your flag prior to the craft night and prepare a few words to say about the flag and the country or state or idea it represents.  During our craft night we will first make our flags and will then ask you to share what you have learned about the flag and what it represents. 

Below are links to some ideas for flags but feel free to choose whichever flag you feel represents you and your family best or a flag you are curious to learn more about.   

Country flags of the world with images and names (countries-ofthe-world.com)  

Flags of the U.S. states and territories - Wikipedia  

Other flags that may represent what's important to you (Examples:  Rainbow flag (LGBT) - Wikipedia , black lives matter flag - Google Search)  

For remote families - your supplies will be in front of the school starting on Tuesday May 18th. Please take one packet per child. 

Chilean Cooking Night will be on Wednesday, May 26 at 5:30 pm.

Please find the recipe and ingredients attached below. Make sure you have your ingredients prior to Wednesday so that we can all cook together! A BIG "Thank you!" to Heather Lance for teaching us how to make Cazuela (Chilean Chicken Soup).

Please don’t forget to add a slide representing your culture (see link below) by Wednesday, May 26 at 8 pm. (Add a slide of the flag you made at the flag craft night, pictures or images that represent your culture and/or what is important to your family's identity, a video of your child saying "hi" in another language, your child doing a dance, your child wearing special clothing worn for observing/celebrating family traditions, words or a message written in another language, or anything else you would like to share about any culture with which you identify.) 

Butler Multicultural Week



If you would like to participate in any other way not mentioned above, please contact Mariola Magovcevic at mmagovcevic@hotmail.com by May 21 and let us know how you would like to represent your culture. 

Finally, stay tuned for daily emails next week with links to Butler students reading books on multicultural topics. 

We look forward to sharing our cultures!


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