04 April 2021

Butler Family April Newsletter 2021: Spring School Starts Tomorrow!

From the Principal

Dear Butler Families,

With the sunshine and appearance of daffodils, it is certainly feeling like spring.  I hope you all are as excited as we are to be having full days of live learning together. We have been working (literally!) around the clock to set up both our remote and in person schools, while still running our hybrid school.  A big, huge thank you to parent Michael Rohan who offered assistance and organized other parent volunteers to come in to help assemble and deploy 120 desks around the building on Thursday.  Our custodian, Jason, has been busily moving desks and furniture into and out of storage for weeks, while also doing the usual daily care of the building, so the help was welcome.  Our teachers have been measuring chair and desk placement at the right distances, labeling everything, and preparing routines for transitioning safely around our building, while still teaching the children each day.  They also organized some very sweet goodbyes to learners switching classrooms.  Remote teachers have been meeting with countless other staff members to learn about new students, set up virtual learning spaces and platforms, and prepare materials and schedules that will work for children and families, while concluding their current roles and saying goodbye to students.  As I type this, Ms. Livermore is thinking and walking through class routines in the tent that sprouted up Friday on our asphalt.  Ms. MacIsaac labeled the library floor and has made seat assignments while finishing up book recordings and book distribution.  Mr. Trodden has spent weeks thinking through and planning out teaching PE safely in the gym both for spacing and around the furniture that has needed to be stored in there.  Ms. Freaney has been helping to keep track of every Butler learner in all modes and classrooms, while helping classroom teachers with the new attendance and lunch ordering program.  I measured out every single seat in the cafe and labeled each spot and desk to which our children have been individually assigned.  It has taken an enormous amount of collective time, thought, effort, and care.  We are ready and we are eager to spend more time with all of our learners.  (We're also a little bit exhausted...!)


Some updates for everyone:

  • Tuesday, April 6 - Election Day
  • Friday, April 9 Food Trucks 4-7pm
  • Thursday, April 15 Virtual Butler PTA Board Meeting
  • Spring Break April 19-23 NO SCHOOL
  • Butler Butler Virtual Talent Show April 30
  • Thursday, May 6 Butler PTA Virtual Math & Science Night 6-7:30pm (changed from Apr 9)
  • Butler PTA Multicultural Week May 23-28

MCAS Dates


Grade 3

Grade 4

Make Ups

ELA (one session)

Tuesday, May 11

Thursday, May 13

May 17, 18

Math (one session)

Thursday, May 27

Tuesday, May 25

June 1, 3


Here are some reminders specific to our remote learners and our in person learners.

Remote Learners:

First Day

Please have your child log into her/his/their new classroom by 8:35 to be ready for 8:40.  

If you encounter any issues or problems and cannot reach your child's teacher, contact me.  For tech issues, send an email to communitysupport@belmont.k12.ma.us

Friday Fun!

Thanks to the work of the Burbank Anti-Racism Committee and a generous grant from the Burbank PTA, on April 9th from 2:00-2:30, the Alphabet Rockers are going to be holding a virtual event via zoom, and they have invited all of the Remote Learners to join!

In Person Learners:

Arrival & Dismissal

For safety, we are asking that families please say their goodbyes and cheerios on the sidewalk and allow your child to go to her/his/their line up spot independently.  We are trying to keep numbers down so that we can maintain safe distances.  There is to be no playing on the playground before school, as we are aiming to keep children safe and maintaining distance.

Please be on time for arrival and dismissal.  In order to make the day run safely and smoothly, we have a very tightly formed schedule and we need all children in the their classrooms ready to learn at 8:40 so we can start our day and make sure that everyone gets what they need.         

Drop Off:

Cohort A: Doors open at 8:30 (begin lining up 8:25)

Cohort B: Doors open at 8:36 (begin lining up 8:31)

If it’s raining, try to arrive right your child’s “Doors Open” time.

Pick Up:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (2:50)

Wednesday 1:40

There will be NO DROP OFFS on Sycamore Street except for LABBB program vehicles.  Grade 3 Families should either park a few blocks down and walk over, or you may use the "drop and go" on White Street.  

Election Day

Voting will be happening in our school on Tuesday.  We've been coordinating with the Town Clerk, the Belmont Police Department, Belmont School Facilities, and the Board of Health to manage this event all day on Tuesday.  Please be especially cautious at arrival and dismissal by staying on the sidewalk and not lingering.  Voters will be entering and exiting through the Kindergarten door.  We will pause election foot traffic into the building when our K children arrive and at dismissal.  

Art & Music Materials

We are all looking forward to seeing the students in person next week!  This is the first time the Specials teachers have been able to meet any students face-to-face since last March.  Looking ahead to next week, we would like to remind you that the Art and Music kits should be brought to school for our classes.  They will remain at school and be stored with their other classroom materials.  Below is a description of what was originally distributed to students.


(Grades K - 2) (Grades 3-4)
Plastic Ziploc Bag with: Drawstring Backpack with:
  • One Egg Shaker
  • One Bean Bag
  • One Scarf
  • One Pair of Rhythm Sticks
  • One Soprano Recorder
  • One Music Whiteboard
  • Dry Erase Marker
  • Eraser


It would be helpful to label the drawing and sketch pads with your student’s name and to place the materials in a large resealable bag, if possible, so they can be kept together.

 Kindergarten (Everything below except Oil Pastels) & Grades 1-4 (Everything below)


Thank you for your assistance, and we can't wait to make music and art with students this spring!


Ms. Livermore (Music) & Ms. Wakeen (Art)


If your child will be fasting during Ramadan, kindly let me, Ms. Harteveldt, or your child's classroom teacher know so that we can make sure to support your child.

Remember to Bring

There are a number of things your child needs to bring every day:
  • Two masks
  • Water bottle
  • iPad or Chromebook FULLY CHARGED
  • snack/lunch if not getting school meals

Please remember to continue to adhere to our safety protocols and review the symptom checker every day.  We need to remain vigilant so that our children can have the safest experience possible.  A special note of thanks to our School Nurse, Lisa Harteveldt, who has been all over the building supporting staff, consulting with teachers, working with families, and creating resources to help every to feel and be safer at school.

Thank you for your incredible partnership.  Your care, support, kindness, and patience have been a true source of energy and nourishment throughout this tremendously challenging time.

With warm wishes for good health and peace,



Danielle Betancourt, Principal