07 January 2021

Message from Principal Betancourt

Dear Families,

The events yesterday in our nation's capital were disturbing in and of themselves, and even more so during a time when we're all already stretched beyond our limits.  I write to check in with you, to share my hope that you are ok, and to let you know that we did our best today to make sure the children were ok and felt safe with us too.

This morning before school, our School Psychologist, Jess Eisner, our Social Worker, Molly Quinn, and I offered a meeting with staff to listen, offer resources, and share ideas about how to best support the children. Our classroom teachers endeavored to make the children feel safe, heard, and to focus on the good that they can do in the world.  We expected that every child might have a different level of awareness about events, and so our teachers managed conversations sensitively and responsively.  Indeed some children seemed completely unaware, and others knew a lot more (I had a fourth grader come up to me first thing this morning and ask if I knew what had happened).  

While we cannot fix everything all at once, the little choices we make each day to share words of encouragement, or help someone struggling, or to offer some kindness really do matter.  Embracing the dignity of each person we meet, and celebrating the richness of our diversity also matter.  We have chosen to work with children because we believe that helping young humans in the world learn to develop both self-love and love for one another, and to give them the tools to express themselves and think critically is what will, truly, make this world a better place. 

Thank you for entrusting us with the incredible privilege of being a part of your child(ren)'s life during this leg of his/her/their journey.  It is a joy and responsibility that we deeply appreciate.  Thank you also, for all of the ways that you encourage your children to help to make our community and world ever better.  Your partnership is invaluable.

As always, please feel welcome to reach out to me should you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

With every good wish,



Danielle Betancourt, Principal