Elementary Schools Cohort Schedule
28 October 2020

Elementary Schools Cohort Schedule

Dear Families,

I know the last seven months have been full of uncertainty and challenge.  Every time we think we might be in a routine, there’s a new curveball.  Thank you for your patience, humor, and partnership.  A number of families have inquired about the cohort schedule.  We will be sticking with the revised Cohort Schedule we sent out last week. First of all, we know how unsettling it is to constantly be changing things.  Second of all, we believe the revision we created is the most equitable for all children in both cohorts.

Between when we started hybrid and the winter break beginning Dec 24 (revised 10/27):

  • Cohort A: 25 live mornings (23 in-person, 2 remote) with two weeks that have three days in a row in-person
  • Cohort B: 25 live mornings (22 in-person, 3 remote) with three weeks that have three days in a row in-person
  • Both cohorts experience disruptions due to holidays/no-school

The information is available on the Butler Calendar and you may also find it below.

Cohorts Schedule

With thanks,