12 October 2020

Butler Family Newsletter October 13, 2020

Dear Families,

Thoughts on Hybrid

Our first few days of hybrid learning were really wonderful.  Our teachers put a great deal into preparing for these first mornings, and it was truly amazing to have many of our children back in our building.  Please know that we know that none of this ideal.  We know there are families who wish we could be back in-person full time, and those who only can be fully remote right now, and those who wish we could have full-day hybrid, and still others who are comfortable with half-day hybrid.  What we wish, most of all, is that we could return to the time when everyone came into school and we didn't have to abide by so many safety protocols and routines.  We know that you are struggling mightily with managing the care of your children with your other big responsibilities, and that you are worried for your children's wellbeing.  Given the current situation, we are all doing the very best that we can, and I hope that we can care for one another and respect that each of us is managing as best we can given the resources and circumstances we are facing.  

This hybrid model represents an attempt to try to give all of our families some of what they are hoping for, knowing that we cannot give everyone all of what they would hope to have.  Please believe me when I say that it does not feel good to disappoint people, and, as a school community, we always want to be doing what is most supportive, and most beneficial, while also trying to meet individual needs.  My hope is that every member of our school community feels cared for, valued, and important.  Some things to note regarding the considerations behind our hybrid model:

  • Fully Remote families wanted their child(ren) to remain in their classroom community throughout the year with their classroom teacher
  • Hybrid Families wanted their child(ren) to be able to come in to school to engage in-person with their teachers and peers
  • All children need to feel a part of a community
  • There is a high likelihood that we will move between phases, so the remote and hybrid models need to be compatible

For these reasons, the half-day hybrid was adopted so that half of every day continued the fully remote learning that we have begun this year, and the other other half of every day allowed for children to come in-person.  All children are to participate in morning meeting and closing circle every day. We will hopefully improve on what we're able to provide as we live this new model and learn from it.  We ask for your continued grace and generosity as our most important partners.

Inclement Weather

On mornings when it is heavily raining, we will open our doors at 8:33 and have the children make their way to their classrooms.  I recommend that you try to time your arrival to as close to 8:33 as possible so that you are not having to wait out in the rain.

Timely Drop Off and Pick Up

Please do your best to drop your child off on time as our mornings are so fleeting.  If you must be late, please bring your child to the front entrance on White Street and ring the bell.  A staff member will let your child in.  You should use the QR code that is posted by the front door to sign your child in.  Please also do your best to pick up your child on time at 11:45 every day.  Our teachers must get ready for the remote teaching part of the afternoon and so cannot supervise your child(ren).  


During the Hybrid Phase, our Specials Teachers will be spending their mornings meeting with the children who are on their "At Home" days on a rotating two-week basis.  I will be sending out a schedule directly to family email addresses.  Each day, the children will also have a pre-recorded lesson taught by our Specials Teachers, which they can access by going to that teacher's Google Classroom:

Monday: Music, Tuesday: Art, Thursday: PE, Friday: Library (read aloud)

PTA Meeting

We will have a PTA meeting this Thursday at 7:00pm.  More details coming soon!


Thank you so much for being such fantastic partners!  You help to make ours such a special and warm community.


With sincere wishes for good health and peace,



Danielle Betancourt, Principal