01 June 2020

June Butler Family Newsletter 2020


  • Wednesday, June 10
    • Butler General PTA Meeting 7pm
  • Monday, June 15
    • Butler 4th Grade Virtual Moving On Ceremony 10am
  • Tuesday, June 16
    • Virtual Color Day - Butler Olympics all day
  • Wednesday, June 17
    • 4th Grade Car Parade 11am
    • Last Day of School

From the Principal

Dear Families,

The troubling events of this last week have added to the anxiety and worry of an already tragic spring.  While it is painful for our country to be so divided at a time when we desperately need unity, I am profoundly thankful for this community, and for each and every one of you who adds to the beauty of the Butler mosaic.  We are committed to being actively anti-racist as well as actively inclusive.  We draw strength from and celebrate differences. I believe that you, as parents, and we, as educators partake in the most important work there is, which is to open the minds and hearts of our young people, as they are our future leaders.   Real change begins with the personal and local, so it is up to each of us support one another, call out injustice, and embrace peace and unity. In that spirit, I'd like to share the statement that was sent out by Belmont Police Chief MacIsaac on Saturday, as it was a heartening message and example of local leadership.  I also am sharing some resources for you below.


Mindshift Article: When to Call Someone Out or Call Someone in Over Racist Behavior.

Resource Page from the National Association of School Psychologists in response to recent acts of racial violence and the increasingly uncivil discourse occurring across our country

Teaching Tolerance Publication: Parent's Guide for Preventing and Responding to Prejudice

Report Cards

Elementary Report Cards will be available to families on June 17.  Teachers will be preparing report cards in a manner that reflects the monumental shift in teaching and learning this term.  

What to expect:

The Pro-social and Academic Skills Sections:  Due to the necessary modifications of the curriculum taught and standards addressed since the school year was disrupted, as well as the emphasis on social connection over assessment, it is not appropriate to report on student progress towards the usual learning standards.  Therefore, the June period will be blank for these sections. 


Comments Section. Teachers will be providing a brief narrative to summarize the student’s year with highlights on pre-closure strengths and areas of challenge, and will include suggestions to promote growth over the summer.


Please know that we expect all of our children to begin the next school year having had different experiences than we might expect in a typical year.  We are preparing  to meet them wherever they are and are committed to supporting their continued growth and progress.

Student Belongings Pick Up 

Teachers have been busily gathering and sorting student belongings.  I will be sending out a message later this week to the primary email address of each student regarding procedures and scheduling of pick up, which will be next week.

Butler Olympics - Virtual Color Day

Our enthusiastic Butler Color Day Committee is in the midst of planning the "Butler Olympics" in the spirit of teamwork and community that our traditional annual Color Day celebrates.  Stay tuned for more information coming soon.  In the meantime, please save the date: Tuesday, June 16

Butler PTA Talent Show

Our Virtual Talent Show was wonderful! Many thanks to parent Chris Heuisler for "hosting" and putting it all together, as well as to his co-hosts!  If you'd like to view the Talent Show, follow this link.


This has been a trying year to say the least.  I thank you for your partnership, your warmth, and your courage.


With sincere wishes for good health and peace,



Danielle Betancourt, Principal