09 December 2019

December Butler Family Newsletter


  • Friday, December 13
    • PTA Family Art Show 6-7pm  
  • Monday, December 16
    • Wellness Committee 3-4pm
  • Monday, December 23 - Wednesday, January 1
  • Friday, January 3
    • Butler Family Skating Night 7-8pm
  • Wednesday, January 15
    • PTA Board Meeting 7-8:30pm
  • Monday, January 20
    • NO SCHOOL - Dr. MLK, Jr. Day

From the Principal

Dear Families,

As we come to the close of 2019 and approach a whole new decade together, I'd like to say thank you.  Thank you for partnering with us.  Thank you for supporting our amazing community.  Thank you for trusting us with your beautiful children each day.  We are truly privileged to be in the position to work with your dear ones, and to be able to impact both their today and their future.  My own hope is to give our children the love and skills to develop into their best selves, to help them be people who care for and about others, and who have the critical skills to make this world ever better.  To that end, please keep reading to see news and information about happenings here at Butler, as well as some information about safety.

You might have noticed that there have been a few weeks between family newsletters.  Because I have heard from many families that the volume of emails has become overwhelming, I would like to reduce the burden while also continuing to give you what you need to partner with us and support your child.  Therefore I have decided to send out monthly family newsletters rather than one every other week.  Hopefully this will be a help to you, and allow you to read just one school newsletter a month.  You are welcome to send me feedback.

I wish you a restful and joyful break, and look forward to the new year and decade with you and your children.

Fire Safety Lessons

The Belmont Fire Department will be visiting classrooms later this week to deliver fire safety lessons.  This is part of the Student Awareness of Fire Education (S.A.F.E.) program to instruct students of Belmont on the awareness of fire prevention, health, and life safety.

Internet Safety

Technology is constantly evolving, and it's really hard to keep on top of the new ways that children are learning to interact with technologies and others on the internet.  I read a disturbing article in the NYTimes this weekend and wanted to remind you how critically important it is that parents are vigilant and are carefully monitoring their children's use of technology.  Many online games make children vulnerable, and it is often difficult for parents to detect because of how players can interact with one another.  Here are a few tips from the article about protecting children from predators:

  • Set rules for when and how your child can interact with others online
  • Spend time with your child on new games and apps
  • Talk to your child about online safety, and listen
  • Encourage your child to raise any concerns with a trusted adult
  • Be on the lookout for warning signs
  • Educate your child about blocking users who make them uncomfortable

Water Station

Many thanks to the collaboration of Belmont Food Services and our Butler Wellness Committee for getting a water bottle fill station installed in our cafeteria.  Our children can now more easily refill their water bottles with filtered water, AND, they can see how many disposable plastic bottles we are avoiding by using our reusable water bottles (it is 333 right now!).

Water Station Water bottle filler

BSLC - "Dress for Success"


Cohort 2 of the Butler Student Leader Corps has eagerly begun! When we had our first meeting, the children debated about which project they wanted to support.  In the end, they decided that a service project, leading a donation drive, was the most important thing for them to do at this time of year.  They asked me to research some organizations. At the same time, a high school student from BHS, Katie Kaiser, reached out to me about a club that she is leading ("Second Hand Club").  I invited her to come in to speak to the BSLC, which she did last week.  After she left, I told them about a few other projects, and then the children discussed which of the three projects they wanted to lead.  In the end, they decided that they wanted to support the BHS club.  They thought it was kind, and appreciate that the high school student "came all the way over here to tell us about it!"  So, this morning the children partnered up and visited every classroom to tell them about the drive:<

What: A clothing drive.  We are collecting women’s professional clothes.  They should be gently used. Clothes like dresses, blouses, blazers, trousers, nice skirts, fancy shoes.  Also undergarments that are new.

Who: Everybody at our school - ask your parents, families, and neighbors.  We are partnering with a club at Belmont High School.

Why: There are women who would like to get jobs.  To get a job, you need to go on an interview. When you interview, you need to wear nice clothes.  There are some women who don’t have enough money to buy nice clothes, so we want to help them get a good job.

When: Starting today!  The drive will be from today, December 9 to Friday, December 20.

How: Bring in gently used clothes.  

Where: There will be a collection bin in the office.

Art Room Request

Ms. Wakeen is hoping for some donations of wipes.  She hands out baby wipes after children use certain materials that get a bit messy.  She also uses cleansing wipes for the tables.  She is hoping families might donate both kind of wipes to help keep the children and the art room clean.  You can send the wipes to the office or bring them to the Art Show this Friday!  Thanks in advance.

Dance Party

Dance party

In case your child didn't tell you, we had an awesome dance party on Friday, November 22 to celebrate exceeding our Fun Run school-wide goal.  Every grade came down and danced for about 45 minutes with a real DJ.  It was a blast, the children got lots of exercise (so did I!!), and many of teachers used the time for planning (some teachers couldn't resist the opportunity to dance!).  Thank you to all of the parent volunteers who helped things run smoothly (and safely), as well as Katie Dunks, for organizing.

With every good wish,



P.S. To see a few more photos, you should visit our website!