29 October 2019

Fun Run Thank You!

Dear Butler Community, 

Last Friday, the Butler students and staff, were joined by many parents, siblings and friends, while they jogged, walked, sprinted, skipped (or a combination of all 4) their way to the finish of the 6th Annual Fun Run.  Mr Chiu took it up a notch and juggled his way through to the end!  : )  

I wanted to extend an enormous thank you to everyone who made this event possible!!  


  • The Fun Run Committee: Christina Anderson, Susan Rutkowski, Sarah Applewhite and Lu Gan, because without you, none of this would have been possible!  
  • Mr. Trodden, who always keeps the kids on course and plays the best music to motivate both kids and adults alike!!  You make the event so much fun, Mr. Trodden - thank you!!! 
  • Each and every parent, family member, and friend of the Butler community that donated towards the Fun Run.  To date, we have raised $31,036.00!!!  AMAZING!!!  THANK YOU!!!!
  • The Butler teachers, who encouraged their students to register and raise funds.  8 classes achieved 100% registration and will be getting a $100 gift certificate to be used towards classroom books
  • Ms. Betancourt who cheered on each and every grade, giving high fives and encouragement as the kids lapped the school.  
  • Our Butler parents, Veronica Armstrong, who took amazing pictures, (which we will soon post on FaceBook) and Chris Heuisler, who stepped in to lead fun, energetic pre-Fun Run warm ups when Becca Pizzi could not attend due to the date change.  
  • Our parent volunteers on the day of the event, for their help in keeping things running on time, for cheering on the students and ensuring that they were safe as they made their laps!!!  
  • Star Market manager Steve Duran, who along with 2 other employees, handed out water to the students and provided coffee and refreshments for the parent volunteers.  
  • The Belmont police officer who blocked off the street to keep our students safe, ran a few laps around with the students and even got some of them to join him for push ups at the end!!
  • Bob, for coming out as Captain America.  The staff, students and parents are always happy to see him!!


  • Watertown Savings ($1000)
  • Anne Mahon, Realtor ($500)
  • Judy Pagano, Gibson Sotheby’s ($500)
  • Peter Scanlan, Coldwell Banker ($500)
  • Russian School of Mathematics ($500)
  • Fitness Together ($500)
  • Belmont Pharmacy ($500)
  • East Cambridge Savings ($200)
  • Lisa's Pizza ($200)
  • Cambridge Trust ($200)
  • Buono Pest Control ($200)
  • East Boston Savings Bank ($200)
  • Orthodontics of Cambridge ($200)
  • Belmont Printing - who provided the 'I Ran the 6th Annual Fun Run' stickers

Donations tend to trickle in over the few days following the event, and will be accepted through Wednesday, October 30th, and then the FundHub website will close.  

Kind regards, 
Katie Dunks