Student Support and Counseling

As Butler’s Social Worker and Counselor, I provide support to address the social, emotional, and/or behavioral needs of students.  Counseling is part of general education; therefore all students have access to the support services. Support for students includes individual counseling, recess groups, and social groups.  Students may participate in social groups to strengthen their connections with peers, improve communication skills, or work on problem-solving skills. I also often visit classrooms to provide assistance to teachers or students, to observe students, or to help lead classroom discussions or Grade Level Meetings. In addition to providing direct services to students, another important part of my job is to consult with families and teachers about concerns that they might have about a child.  During these consultations, I might share information or resources, brainstorm strategies for home or school, and/or discuss if counseling might be beneficial.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time if you have a concern about your child.

For more information regarding support and counseling at Butler visit my Counselor's Corner webste.

Molly Quinn, LICSW
Social Worker and Counselor 
Butler School
(617) 993 - 5507