Butler School Student and Parent Handbook

Dear Parent/Guardian,

This Student and Parent Handbook was originally developed based on the desire to create and maintain a positive climate, both in school and on the playground, which begins with clearly stated expectations. Inside these handbooks is information about how the Butler School works, from our behavioral expectations to how arrival and dismissal occur.

The rules and expectations in the Student Handbook will be fully explained to students by teachers and supported throughout the building by all staff. Please thoroughly read both handbooks and discuss the first (green) section of this handbook with your child. This process will help her/him to recognize the home/school connection and the importance of carrying over from home those positive attitudes and behaviors that you have taught. Children benefit when teachers and parents work together to build a safe and positive climate at school. Our hope is that children will carry these attitudes and expectations about good behavior into their homes and extended community.

Our staff works hard to promote and maintain a school culture that is positive, inclusive, and supportive of all members. We have high expectations and value respectful choices and actions, knowing that when we treat and view others as though they are as important as we are, we foster caring and positive relationships.

My best hope is to support your child and you during their elementary journey. If there is some assistance you wish from me, please feel welcome to contact me at 617-993-5550. My office is always open to you.

All my best,

Julie L. Babson