Summer Reading 2023

The Summer Reading Lists are a joint project of the Belmont Public Schools and the Belmont Public Library. They are designed to encourage students in Belmont to make reading a habit, raising both their interest in and level of reading. The theme this year is Moving Up, Moving Out

Please, enjoy these books with your child:

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Grades K - 1

Students will attend a library class one time per week for 30 minutes.  This day is considered a “special” in their schedule and is lead by our Library Aide; their teacher is not present.  During library time students in Grades K-1 will listen to a story read aloud by the Library Aide, a Class Assistant, or a parent. Read alouds are followed by an opportunity for students to browse for a book they would like to check out. Alternatively, the Library Aide provides activities related to the selected read aloud titles.


Grades 2 - 4

Students attend library less predictably (1 time per week if possible, typically for less than 30 minutes) as it is not considered a “special” in their schedule.  Their teacher is in attendance at all times. During library time students in Grades 2-4 may participate in any of the above activities, as well as engage in teacher-directed research or participate in book talks with their peers.


Note: Parent volunteers are welcome to assist during library time.  Tasks might involve shelving books, taking inventory, checking books in and out, reading to students, or helping students select books.  Please see our volunteer section for more information.


Follett Library Destiny database at Our cataloging system is available inside the school network only.