K-4 Visual Art Resources

Grab a pencil, pen, or other art materials you have and create from any of these prompts:

  • A treasure map.
  • An imaginary planet.
  • Draw something without taking your pencil off of the paper.
  • Botanical Study: Find a flower or plant from nature. Study it carefully before drawing and draw it large-scale (fill your paper). Color your drawing if you have supplies available.

Digital Resource:


K-4 Music Resources

  • Berlin Philharmonic Free Streaming: Watch a wonderful orchestra play a piece of music with your family!
  • Take a Lesson with Little Kids Rock: Check out this website if you are interested in learning to play body percussion, compose a song, or perhaps play an instrument you have at home.
  • Musical Storybook Classic: Watch a narrated story with musical themes representing each of the characters. Peter and the Wolf is a music classroom favorite. Runs about 27 mins.
  • Rhythm Randomizer: Click on the rhythm shown and it will automatically change to a new random rhythm. Chant the rhythm on rhythm syllables, bah, or play on an instrument (recorder, drum, violin, etc.)