High School Students Read Aloud

During the week of February 1-5, our PTA has organized a series of events to celebrate our reading lives! Belmont High School students shared pre-recorded read alouds throughout the week. We are happy to share this read alouds with you again! 

Divya Natarajan
Watch Belmont High School Senior and Butler grad Divya Natarajan read!
February 1st

Fun Facts about Divya Natarajan:

I am half Indian (North and South descent) and half European American (German and British descent). My favorite snack is popcorn and my favorite meal is pasta. My favorite ice cream flavor is either chocolate or rainbow sorbet. My hobbies include painting, dancing, and singing, but I also like to play sports like volleyball and rugby. I went to Butler for all of my elementary school education and was part of the class of 2013. 

Butler Fact! When you get a chance to go on the playground next year, if you look at the playground from the blacktop, the front most tree to the left is a tree I planted in the 4th grade when they were building the playground. I have also been taking classes in and out of school to learn Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, and Spanish. My favorite color is blue.

Preston Jackson-Stephens
Watch Belmont High School Senior Preston Jackson-Stephens read!
February 2nd

Fun Facts about Preston Jackson-Stephens:

I am Black American. My favorite food is lobster. I am a captain for the basketball team and football team at Belmont High School. My favorite color is blue. I am a Metco Student. 

I have 6 pets in my house (3 dogs, 2 cats, and a tarantula). I went to Winn Brook Elementary School. I work for the Belmont Recreation Camp in the summer - hopefully, I will see some of you there!

Kyra Christofori
Watch Belmont High School Senior Kyra Christofori read!
February 3rd

Fun Facts about Kyra Christofori:

I went to Winn Brook Elementary School. I am Italian, so I love all Italian food. I play soccer and basketball at Belmont High School. And, I will be playing basketball at Babson College next year. I love spending time with my family and friends. 

My favorite place to be is Mayflower Beach on the Cape. I want to travel to Italy with my family. My favorite colors are orange, blue, green, and pink. I love to bake and cook.

Ryan Tan
Watch Belmont High School Senior Ryan Tan read!
February 4th

Fun Facts about Ryan Tan:

I moved to Belmont in first grade and went to Wellington for elementary school. Class of 2013! I mostly spend my free time rock climbing, rowing crew, hiking up mountains, and running. I also enjoy playing Minecraft which I’ve been doing since I was your age. 

My favorite food has got to be cereal. This is a bit controversial, but the best boxes are Pops, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Crispix. I am a mix of Italian, Irish, and Chinese. My favorite color is robin egg blue.

Elizabeth Krmzian
Watch Belmont High School Senior Elizabeth Krmzian read!
February 5th

Fun Facts about Elizabeth Krmzian:

I am Armenian and Australian and I have been to Australia many times. I speak, read, and write in Armenian. I have a business called “ Paws4armenia.“ I went to Armenian school until 6th grade then went to Chenery. I love to watch sports and am a big fan of Boston teams (Go Patriots!!) AND I also love musicals (Annie is my favorite). 

I have a small white dog named Lexi. I love to read, to listen to music, to play the piano, and to hang out with my friends. I love Disney World - my favorite Disney princess is Rapunzel. My favorite color is light pink. My favorite dessert is churros, but my favorite meal is salad.