Enrichment Programs & Field Trips, 2020-2021

Here is a sampling of the typical field trip and enrichment programs at the Butler during the school year:
  • Field trip to Carlson Orchards
  • Field trip to Habitat, Mass Audubon Education Center and Wildlife Sanctuary
1st grade
  • Meteorologist visit (in-school program)
  • Field trip to Discovery Museum
  • Bugology (in-school program)
  • Field trip to The Butterfly Place
2nd grade
  • Sled dog visit with John Kenney (in-school program)
  • Jambo Africa presentation (in-school program)
  • Field trip to Broadmoor, Mass Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary
3rd grade
  • Field trips to MIT for Lego Car Rally workshops 
  • New England Aquarium Traveling Program, Tidepool Adaptations (in-school)
  • Field trip to the Freedom Trail (Paul Revere House; Old South Meeting House)
  • Wampanoag Visit: People of the East, Plimoth Plantation (in-school program) 
  • Weather: Wind, Water & Temperature, MOS (in-school program)
4th grade
  • Field trip to Tsongas Industrial History Center
  • Field trips to the Harvard Museum of Natural History 
  • Museum of Science Traveling Program: Motion, Forces, & Energy (in-school)

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