Belmont Public Schools Transportation Program - 2020-2021

Registration Information: What Every Parent Needs to Know

Registration for the 2020-2021 school year opens on Monday, June 1st. The primary parent or guardian will receive an email containing a registration link. If you need to change the primary parent within the student record, please contact the school directly for assistance. 

If you have not whitelisted all emails from the Belmont Public Schools, please do so as your registration email will be blocked and your child may be unable to secure seating on the bus. 

Parents/guardians must register their child via the link provided in the registration email. This is the only valid means of registration for busing. Once completed, you will receive a registration code that you must use in order to complete the required payment at the time of registration. Please retain this email and your code as you will need this for your second semester payment as well.

Bus registration closes on Friday, July 10th. Parents are strongly encouraged to register students before the deadline to ensure a seat on the bus. Seating is not guaranteed after the close of bus registration. Students may be placed on a waitlist until seating becomes available. Due to increasing enrollment and student bus needs, we are unable to make exceptions for late registrants. 

**Please note that we will not accept new bus registrants during the following dates: Monday, August 31st through Friday, September 11th.  Any student requiring busing that has not registered prior to the first week of school will not be added to the program until Monday, September 14th

Parents and guardians are invited to view the Belmont Public Schools Transportation presentation which contains vital information regarding all busing matters such as registration procedures, fees and payments, bus passes, distance and availability, bus routes, and important contact information. 

School Busing News

Additional Resources – Bus 10

Enrollment continues to grow in Belmont which means more students require transportation to and from school. In recent years, there has been an overwhelming need specifically in the Winn Brook area at the Middle School level. In response to this need, a tenth bus will be implemented beginning with the 2020-2021 school year. 
The Winn Brook area has been divided into four sections, each with an assigned bus to service the Chenery Middle School. The buses serving this area are:     

Parents/guardians are encouraged to click on each bus number to view the area it will service. Student bus passes will be issued according to their addresses and the corresponding bus number servicing these areas. In an effort to maintain a balanced ridership, changes to any bus other than that which services the student’s address will not be permitted.

Fees & Payments

Beginning in June, the Business Office will no longer accept walk-in payments. All payments must be made online, via regular mail, or dropped in our mail slot at 644 Pleasant Street in consideration of the payment due dates, which are:

Semester 1:     Payment due upon registration in June, 2020
Semester 2:     Payment due on or before February 1st. 

Payments must be received by the prescribed dates in order for students to maintain their ridership. Waitlisted students will be given consideration in the absence of on-time payments. If you require a fee waiver, please do not make a payment. Instead, view the Fee Waiver instructions here.

Bus Pass Protocol – Updated for 2020-2021 and Beyond

Given the overwhelming number of requests for busing at the middle school level, the following rules will be enforced as a measure of fairness as well as for the safety of every student: 

  • The bus drivers will be checking bus passes daily. All students must be in possession of their passes every day, and be able to show them before boarding the afternoon bus.
  • Daily PM Bus Pass Checks - Any student who rides the AM/PM or PM only bus will need to show their pass prior to boarding. Any student who does not have their pass will not be permitted to ride the bus that afternoon. 
  • If students are found riding the bus at any time other than that which is designated on their pass, or any bus other than that which corresponds to their registration, students will not be allowed to ride the bus at that time. Students’ names will be given to the Business Office and the Chenery Main Office for further corrective action and notification of parents.  
  • If a student loses their bus pass, please notify the Business Office ( for a replacement. Students who have lost a pass and do not request a replacement will not be permitted to ride the bus until a replacement pass has been issued and received by the student. 

As a reminder, no student may ride the bus at any time if they are not registered with an issued bus pass.

For more information, please view our Frequently Asked Questions page.