23 January 2022

Burbank Family News- Sunday, January 23, 2022

January 23, 2022

Good Morning, Burbank Families!

In this week's family news you will find:

  • School Advisory Council and Goals

  • Community Meeting

  • Important Dates

You can view a video update on these topics from our PTA meeting on Thursday night, January 20th, too- click here!

School Advisory Council and Goals

School Advisory Council: I am thrilled to announce that we have reformed the Burbank School Advisory Council (SAC) for the 2021-2022 school year. The main goal for SAC this spring will be to re-calibrate as a team, review a newly drafted School Improvement Plan, and provide a venue for constituents to provide input on school initiatives and operations. Thank you to this year’s members who include:

  • Lindsay Doherty, Parent Representative

  • Michael Horan, Community Representative & BPS Youth Officer

  • JohnPaul Kambazza, Parent Representative

  • Brenda Maurao, Chairperson

  • Lisa O’Sullivan, Teacher Representative

  • Nik vonHuene, Teacher Representative

Background on our goals: In addition to the individual goals of educators, Burbank School is working to develop goals for their school improvement plan that can be monitored by the newly formed School Advisory Council. After reviewing educator goals, processing feedback from staff and families shared “formally” in google surveys upon my arrival and informally in meetings and phone calls, I am proposing the following broad but intentional goals to guide us through the remainder of this school year and into next. The action steps and benchmarks are forthcoming.

These goals will be reviewed by our newly formed Burbank School Advisory at the first meeting on February 15, 2022. In the meantime, staff are in the process of reading and providing feedback on these goals.  We welcome families to also share feedback on the family feedback form at the bottom of the family news!  

Community Meeting

Last week we had our first community meeting of 2022 on Tuesday, January 18!  This meeting allowed students and staff to come together as a school community to celebrate one another and acknowledge the efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to create an accepting and inclusive community for all.  Teachers joined the virtual meeting from their classrooms and projected the google meet onto the smartboard so all students could participate.  The agenda included grade level celebrations, a brief discussion about Martin Luther King, Jr., unpacking the word acceptance and a mindfulness practice.  Here are meeting slides for your reference. 

Family Feedback

Please use this Family Feedback Form to share your thoughts on our proposed school goals or anything else that is on your mind. Thank you!

Important Dates


1/28- Report Cards go home


2/21-2/25 February Vacation - No School



Brenda Maurao