16 January 2022

Burbank Family News- January 16, 2022

January 16, 2022

Good Morning, Burbank Families!

Above are three quotes by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. shared in an effort to remind us all to continue to use our voice and our actions to make our world better for all.  

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In this week's family news you will find:

  • Community Meeting

  • Report Cards 

  • Arrival/Dismissal Routes

  • Important Dates

Community Meeting

We will have our first community meeting of 2022 on Tuesday, January 18!  This meeting is being coordinated in an effort to bring students and staff together as a community to celebrate one another and acknowledge the efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to create an accepting and inclusive community for all.  Teachers will join the virtual meeting from their classrooms and project it onto the smartboard so all students can participate.  The agenda will include grade level celebrations, a brief discussion about Martin Luther King, Jr., unpacking the word acceptance and a mindfulness practice.  The meeting slides will be shared for your reference in the next Family News!

Report Cards

As you know, the pandemic has required all of us to adjust our lives and our experiences in several ways.  After over 18 months of remote or hybrid learning from March 2020 through June 2021, we were given the privilege to have all students back in the four walls of our school every day for this school year.  Educators and students have been able to learn and grow together in a more “typical” way and this is so important for our students.  As educators work to provide you with an update on your student’s progress on the January report cards, we want to remind you of our focus on the whole child which includes academic and social emotional learning. 

Please consider the following: In addition to academic skills, reports cards will indicate students' progress in prosocial skills ("Personal Development and Community Skills" as well as "Approaches to Learning.")  Given that we are living and learning in such a unique time with this pandemic, we know that these skill areas have been impacted for many, if not all, students.  ​In addition to the stress and uncertainty children may be feeling during this time, ​there have also been many changes to how we can interact with one another.   The opportunity to practice some of these prosocial skills has been reduced.  Many students will therefore benefit from additional time to solidify these skills and this may be reflected in their report card.  This is OK! Please rest assured that, unless your child's teacher has reached out to you to discuss specific concerns in these areas, we trust that your child is making steady progress and these skills will continue to strengthen as the year progresses.  


The safety of students is a priority for our school community and we’d like to remind families of this safe routes to school page that is posted on the PTA section of our school website.  Inclement weather can increase the number of cars that travel to Burbank at arrival and dismissal, so it is important to revisit the routes mapped out below along with remembering the following:

  • Staff Parking Lot: Burbank's small parking lot is reserved for teacher parking and fire department access only. Parents should not drive up the driveway to the staff parking lot between 8:00 am -­ 3:00 pm as the sign indicates.

  • Crosswalks and walking paths: Please use the walking paths and crosswalks at arrival and dismissal.  

Important Dates

1/17- MLK, Jr. Day- No School

1/20- PTA Meeting (Virtual)  https://meet.google.com/ndg-qnah-tcr Or dial: ‪(US) +1 475-328-0599‬ PIN: ‪110 351 817‬#

1/28- Report Cards go home


Brenda Maurao