21 October 2021

Burbank Routine COVID Safety Checks Begin October 22

Dear Burbank Elementary Families,

As you may be aware, Burbank is very excited to be initiating our Routine COVID Safety Checks (pool testing) for all students grades K-4, who have been signed up by their caregivers. This will take place Friday, October 22nd with the assistance of the National Guard.

Please read through this helpful information including a short video you can share with your child. Additionally, if you have not yet signed up your student, please consider doing so.

Only students in grades K-4 whose parents/guardians have consented to testing prior to today will participate on Friday.  

 What is the process for student Routine COVID Safety Checks?

  • Classroom teachers will be given a list of students that have consented to testing. Only these students will be tested.
  • CIC staff will set up with carts outside the classrooms on each floor at a central location
  • Students that have consented will be called out to the hall in small groups to be swabbed. Students will be asked to blow their nose, sanitize their hands, then swab their nose.
  • Testing will consist of a double nasal swab. Students can self-swab in grades 1-4 with direct supervision. Kindergarten students will be assisted with swabbing.

How can you help prepare your child?

Please review this short video to get a sense for the process.  Teachers will be showing this video in school.Testing is quick and painless. It feels a bit strange but once students get used to testing, it will quickly become part of their daily routine on testing days.

 How are we supporting students that don't get tested?

Students may have questions as to why not everyone is part of the testing. Suggestions we have provided to staff for addressing these questions are to provide age appropriate short responses such as, “testing is something that some families are choosing to do at school”. If students ask why some students are going in the hall, you can say they are having a quick meeting and they will be right back.

It can also be a good reminder that students get pulled out of the classroom for all kinds of things during the day.  We want everyone to feel safe and supported but not excluded in this process.

It is also important to remind students that pool testing does not mean that people are sick. Testing some students is a way of keeping us safe like wearing our masks and washing our hands but not everyone has to test. You can also direct students to ask their families if they have questions about testing.

If other questions come up with your student or you are looking for additional support to help address concerns with a particular student, please reach out to Rebecca Berger, School Nurse.

What is the process for students in the Test and Stay Program?

Students that have been identified as a close contact (0-3 feet) of a positive case while at school will participate in daily testing for a total of 5 school days (actual days may vary depending on the day of exposure).

Only students that have consented to testing will be tested at school. Students who have not consented will be required to quarantine at home.

Students in the Test and Stay program will be called to the clinic by the school nurse for testing and returned to class. Results are available in 15 minutes after the swab is taken. Students will be returned to class immediately after the swab is performed.

For more information on our testing program, please visit the BPS Testing Page  If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free to reach out at any time.


Rebecca Berger MSN, BSN, FNP, RN
Burbank Elementary School Nurse
(617) 993-5506