08 September 2021

Welcome Back to School

Welcome Back Burbank Families!

We are so excited to welcome you back to Burbank tomorrow for the 1st day of school (for 1st - 4th Graders).  Coverage on campus begins at 8:25 am.  There will no recess in the morning, and all children must wear masks in line, and whenever they are inside the building.  Parents will not be allowed in the building at this time. 

Important Reminder: Tomorrow's Dismissal is 11:40 am.


If you are arriving by car:

Car Arrivals

Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Arrival and dismissal will be very similar to our process last year. Below please find images that will help you find your child(ren)'s spot to line up.  (Scroll down for info about a potential rain plan)

FrontLinesBlacktop Lines

We are a hardy crew at Burbank.  If there is light rain, we will stick with our initial plan and meet in lines. Please dress appropriately. School starts at 8:40 and students will enter the building at 8:35, so you can come as close to 8:35 as you can if it is wet out.

In the Event of Heavy Rain!

In the event of torrential rain, we will allow students into the building at 8:25 am, and may enter until 8:40 am.  They will need to enter the doors listed below. This will help them find their new classrooms.  As noted below, if you arrive after 8:40 you will need to come to the front door (or Mod entrance for 4th graders) to be buzzed in by Mrs. Sacca.

Arrival DismissalEntry Doors

Students will be dismissed to their morning lines.

The BASEC afterschool program is up and running tomorrow. BASEC families please check your email for dismissal information sent from Sarah McEllin.

A note from the School Counselor, Kristin Romig:

We are looking forward to seeing your child(ren) back at school tomorrow!  We extend a warm welcome to our new families as well as to families and students who are returning to our school for in-person learning. 

Many kids approach the start of school with excited anticipation, though others may feel anxious or apprehensive.  Please know we will provide your child with reassurance and support as we strive to make their transition successful.  If you would like to discuss any specific concerns about your child's transition back to school, please reach out to me at:  kromig@belmont.k12.ma.us or by phone at 617-993-5557.


Get a good night's rest!

We can't wait to get started,

Mr. Okie