15 June 2021

Final Burbank Newsletter of 20-21

Dear Burbank Families,


Last Day of School

Tomorrow is the last day of school.  Dismissal is at 11:40 and no lunch will be served.


Now that the important reminder is out of the way, I want to thank you. We have made it!


The Burbank Community survived and thrived through (I suspect) the most difficult year of our lives.  It happened as a result of our collective hard work, flexibility, and courage.   I could not be more proud of the students, teachers, and families of Burbank for everything they have given, and given up, in order to support each other.  As you and your family begin a summer that is bright and hopeful, not only because of the weather, I wish you health, happiness, and fulfillment until we meet again.


Happy Summer!


Mr. Okie