21 May 2021

Burbank Newsletter - 5/21/21

Dear Burbank Families,

What an exciting week! The weather has been splendid and MCAS has been going smoothly, and masks are now optional out of doors!  This development was as unexpected as it was welcome and caused some confusion as well as joy.  We have created this FAQ to help answer some of the most Frequently Asked Questions. 

Two important reminders on masks.  Everyone must still where masks in the building so please come prepared.  The new option to not wear a mask outside is optional and everyone's decision to wear one or not will be respected by the Burbank community.

Community Conversation

The choice to wear a mask or not is an individual choice, but whichever decision a child or family makes they should feel good about it and welcome at the Burbank School.  This current event is a great way to introduce our second Community Conversation.  It will be based on the book, "All Are Welcome Here" by  Alexandra Penfold and Suzanne Kaufman.  This story reminds us that though our choices, identities, or beliefs may be different, that our diversity is a source of strength. Next week our students will engage in conversations about how our actions and words can welcome people to our community, or sometimes make people feel unwelcome.  We strive to ensure that every child and family feels that they belong at Burbank.

In our first Community Conversation, we talked about how everyone has a story that tells the tale of their identity and experience.  Burbank's students should feel proud of their stories, confident and respected in telling them, and interested and open to the stories of others.  I want each student's story to include, "I belong at Burbank!"

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mr. Okie