BPS Mask Guidance
20 May 2021

BPS Mask Guidance

Dear Burbank Families,

You should have recently received an update to the use of masks in Belmont Schools.  The new guidance from the district, based on recent changes from the Governor and DESE, mark a positive step in our return to a pre-pandemic school experience.  The important change that is relevant for Burbank is that:

  • Students no longer have to wear masks when outdoors (at recess or PE), even if distance cannot be maintained

As was indicated in the announcement, this change became effective today.  However, it also stated that, "those students who feel more comfortable wearing a mask outdoors may do so. As a community, we will support and respect all individuals."  We feel that each family should have the opportunity to discuss their comfort and decision regarding wearing a mask when outdoors at school or not.  Therefore we will continue our mask policy for today so that those conversations can take place.  Tomorrow, students whose families are comfortable, may choose to take off their masks outside and students who choose to continue to wear a mask outdoors will be respected in this decision.

A vitally important reminder!

At this time, adults and students must continue to wear masks in our school buildings.

Adults still need to wear masks outdoors if distancing cannot be maintained. 

Please remember that adults must keep a distance of 6 feet from students and other staff.


Please reach out to Mr. Okie if you have any questions,

Thank you,

Mr. Okie