18 December 2020

Burbank Newsletter - December 18th

Dear Burbank Families,

As the days grow darker, I try to look for sources of light, and this year I have found them near and far.  The cosmos is putting on a show for us this season.  Jupiter and Saturn appear in the early evening sky in the Southeast.  On Monday the 21st, they will be closer to each other than they have for 800 years!  On a clear night, like tonight is forecast to be, you can see them clearly with the naked eye, but if you have a telescope or even binoculars you may be able to see Jupiter's moons or the rings of Saturn.

Closer to home, Burbank continues to shine brightly.  Our community shares kindness, curiosity, and joy.  Though this has been an especially dark year for us all, I hope that Burbank remains a source of light for you and your family in the coming year.

Mr. Okie

Burbank Cares Drive:

Thank you so much to the many families who donated gift cards for our Burbank Cares Drive.  The collection was a great success (with $2205 in gift cards collected) thanks to your generosity!  We are so thankful to be a part of this thoughtful, supportive community.  

Virtual Participation:

As per the Superintendent's last email, I would like to remind everyone of the following attendance procedures:

  • Hybrid students who are sick (COVID or non-COVID) or quarantining can temporarily switch to remote.
  • Students who are attending school as remote-only students can continue to participate unless they do not feel well enough to do so. Please follow normal attendance procedures to notify school personnel.
  • If the hybrid student is absent on an in-person day for any other reason, they cannot switch to remote.

Teachers work very hard to plan their lessons based on the combination of in-person and remote/virtual participation students that are expected on that day. It adds an extra layer of challenge when students/families make changes, and this impacts the instruction for all students in the class.

These expectations are designed to provide as much stability as possible in an environment that is already very challenging.

Nurse's Update:


The Massachusetts Flu Vaccination Requirement states that all students provide documentation that they have been vaccinated by December 31, 2020. This requirement is for hybrid and fully remote students. Any student who is not in compliance with state required immunizations is subject to exclusion from school. State requirements can be found HERE. Please send documents to the school nurse. Feel free reach out to the nurses with any questions to Heather Blake, Burbank School Nurse, hblake@belmont.k12.ma.us.