10 December 2020

Clarification Regarding Wednesdays


Dear Burbank Families,

As we have continued to review and hopefully improve our hybrid model, it was determined that we needed to include additional instructional time in order to meet DESE requirements.  We were able to add more learning opportunities on Wednesday afternoons through asynchronous practice, with enough content to last from 12:30 to 2:50 (our usual dismissal time on M,T, Th, F).  

While this change was determined at the end of October, due to various holidays (Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day) and parent conferences (when we’ve either had no school or early dismissal), we’ve had many weeks of unusual Wednesday schedules.  This past Wednesday was the first “regular” Wednesday we’ve had since October 28.  We apologize for not having communicated this change sooner; we had not wanted to cause confusion by describing a change that would not be in effect for many weeks.  Unfortunately, time got away from us and suddenly it was December 9.

What this means is that on “regular Wednesdays,” children will be provided with learning opportunities that should give them two hours and twenty minutes of practice (equal to the time from 12:30 to 2:50).  This will be in the form of a menu of various off-screen, paper-based, pre-recorded, or on-line programming for targeted practice.  Your child can engage in this work between 12:30 and 2:50, or at other convenient times for your family.  

The intention for this change was to give children more learning practice while preserving family flexibility. There is no change to the synchronous school schedule.  Live instruction will end as usual at 11:45 or 11:55 (at Winn Brook).  The only modification is in the amount of asynchronous instruction provided to students on Wednesdays. 

Thank you,

Your Elementary Principals,

Seeley, Anita, Danielle, & Heidi