Burbank Newsletter - November 25
25 November 2020

Burbank Newsletter - November 25

Dear Burbank Families,

It seems that I blinked, and November came and went.  At this time of the year I reflect on what I am grateful for, and this year despite all of our collective struggles, my list is long.  From my perspective as the Principal of the Burbank School, I am grateful for this amazing community.  I am grateful for the tireless efforts Burbank's staff to provide the best experience they can for our students in trying circumstances, I am grateful for the resiliency and determination of our students. And so grateful for the flexibility, patience, and support from parents, guardians, and extended families. Finally a huge debt of gratitude to our PTA members who raked and mowed and cleaned Burbank's grounds in preparation for winter. Amazing!

Thank you, 

Mr. Okie

Parent Workshop

The Belmont Public Schools has the privilege of working closely with McLean’s School Consultation Service. The professionals at McLean collaborate closely with our school leaders and mental health staff and have run workshops for all staff twice this year.  We are excited to announce that they will be hosting a workshop for parents and guardians on December 1st from 7:00 - 8:30. Here is a description of the workshop:

Dr. Michelle Silverman and Dr. Julia Martin Burch from the McLean School Consultation Service will host a webinar titled "Helping Your Children Charge their Batteries." The webinar will include coping skills for supporting children and promoting resilience during these challenging times and a live Q&A.

The link is: https://partners.zoom.us/j/85742322508.

Specialist Touchpoints

Here are the calendars for your child(ren)'s Specialist December Touchpoints for K-4 classes.  Our specialist teachers, Mrs. Pond, Ms. Hayashi, and Mrs. Crow, are working incredibly hard to provide all of Burbank's students with quality content in Art, Music, and PE. The Touchpoints are a vital way for children to connect directly with our wonderful specialists, and I encourage everyone to do their best to take part.

Arrival at Burbank

As the season continues to turn, please know that unless temperatures are below freezing or rain is torrential, we expect everyone to wait outside for the few minutes before School begins. Teachers will bring students into the building from 8:35-8:40 and no earlier unless conditions are simply awful. Please be sure to come to school prepared for cold or wet weather.

Caring for your Student's Device

The success of our Hybrid and Remote program relies on working technology. Our District Technology Integration Specialists (TISs) have asked that families take the following steps to help us ensure district provided devices are properly maintained. 

Caring for your Device

Please power down the device.  Using a soft, damp cloth like a hand towel or microfiber (wring out excess moisture), gently wipe down the case, keyboard, and screen.  Dry with a soft, dry cloth.  Please avoid using paper-based products (napkins, paper towels, etc.…) as they may abrade the screen and keyboard lettering.  It is not necessary to use any cleaning chemicals, and bleach must be avoided.

Additional notes

Please shut down (not just close the cover) the Chromebook daily to ensure all updates are installed regularly.