18 November 2020

Elementary Hybrid Advisory Committee


Dear Belmont Elementary Community,

We hope that this letter finds you healthy and well.  We are writing to announce the formation of an elementary hybrid advisory committee.  We have been following a hybrid model for approximately a month and are ready to reflect upon our experiences so far to identify successes as well as areas  in need of improvement. The district will be sending out a survey to all elementary staff and families to collect your feedback by the end of this week.  The Elementary Hybrid Advisory Committee will be charged with analyzing and synthesizing the survey data in order to share findings with the community and make recommendations for improving the model. 

The committee will consist of the following community members:

  • 5 parents/guardians - at least one from each school 

  • 5 educators - representing each school

  • 4 elementary principals - one from each building

Because it is very important to have broad representation among our stakeholders, we’ll be including parents/guardians and educators from all four schools.  Our hope is to have family input that represents the experiences of all our  Boston and Belmont resident children, in both hybrid and full remote, as well as those with specific needs such as Special Education and English Language Education.  We likewise hope that our educators will represent the experiences of the various roles that impact our children: classroom teachers in K-2 and 3-4, Special Educators, English Language teachers, and Content Specialists.

All interested parent/guardian participants should fill out this form by Monday, November 23rd.  Names from each representative group will be drawn at random on November 24th and participants will be announced on the 25th.  The group will meet at least twice a week beginning the week after Thanksgiving, and will provide recommendations to the School Committee/Superintendent by December break.   

Your Elementary Principals

Anita, Danielle, Heidi, & Seeley