Community Newsletter: October 16th
16 October 2020

Community Newsletter: October 16th

Great Start to Hybrid!

While our model of In-Person learning is still new and unfamiliar, based on reports from students, families, and teachers I think we can largely call our first 4 day week a success!  I am filled with gratitude for hard work, persistence, and patience from everyone (but especially Burbank’s incredible staff) that made this possible.

I am sure we will continue to experience hiccups like this afternoon’s internet difficulties.  However, like today our teachers, families and, students demonstrate perseverance and problem solving at every turn.

Thank you to all for your dedication to the success of Burbank’s students!  

Start Times/Procedures

Our first successful week has helped us work out some kinks, tighten our procedures, and now it is time to clarify our communication.

The time we have together is limited and precious please help us make the most of it, by arriving on time.

Burbank Arrival:

8:25     - Before School Teachers on Duty

  • Students may arrive and wait in their assigned lines without parent monitoring
  • Parents are welcome to stay if they maintain appropriate social distancing
  • Students should not come earlier alone or expect to play in the morning
  • No dogs allowed on school grounds during school hours

8:35     - Classroom Teachers bring students into the building

8:40     - All Teachers have entered the building and doors are closed.

  • K-3 students who arrive at this time must come to the front door and ring the bell to be let in
  • Grade 4 students who arrive at this time must go to the covered Mods door and ring the bell to be let in

8:45     - Online and In-Person instruction begins for all

Health & Safety

So much of our success this week is a result of our commitment to the many procedures designed to keep us healthy and safe.  I am proud of everyone who is wearing their mask, staying distant, and washing/sanitizing their hands in line with our protocols.  

We have done well so far, but as one of my favorite Harry Potter characters liked to say this effort requires, “Constant Vigilance!”  Please continue to do your part.

The precautions that we are taking at school are only several layers of the larger safety measures in place. Please remember that the low instances of cases in the community are our first and best defense.  Your efforts away from school and in the community are just as important as the protocols and procedures at Burbank.

We are all in this together!

Be Safe, Be Well,

Mr. Okie
Mary Lee Burbank School

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