Reading Togetther: Say Something by Peter Reynolds
12 June 2020

Reading Togetther: Say Something by Peter Reynolds

Dear Burbank Community,

To further mark the historic moment we are living together I have created the linked video to demonstrate how Burbank stands for racial justice.  It is my goal, shared by the Burbank Faculty, to facilitate conversations about recent current events that shine a bright light on the unequal and unjust treatment of our black and brown fellow citizens among the children and families of Burbank.  Further, we wish to reinforce the voice of any parent who is beginning or continuing conversations about race, equity, and injustice.  The faculty and I engaged in a heartfelt discussion about how to approach this time, these events, this overwhelming problem, and what to do about it. As a result, I learned that the conversations that we have together about racial injustice are an essential part of moving forward.

I want the community to know that if circumstances were different, our course of action would be as well. We face the unfortunate reality of grappling with these issues and events at a time when we are physically separated from each other and in the last days of the school year.  Burbank’s faculty is committed to engaging in these difficult conversations, but recognize that in these circumstances we cannot monitor and follow up with students who may have lingering questions, sorrow, or even anger afterwards.  This reality leads me to request that parents choose to be present with their child(ren) when they watch this video. You may even want to preview it.  

In the linked video I read the book Say Something by Peter Reynolds.  This book asks everyone to use their voice and actions to make the world a better place. It is a message that can be meaningful and accessible to everyone in the community.  Following the read aloud, I share how the book connects to Burbank’s Core Values and how Burbank’s long standing values help us frame our response to racial injustice. Attached please find a discussion guide you may find useful after the event.

 I have tried to create a resource that will help us continue to move forward together.  This is not a beginning or an end, but a step in a long journey.  

Thank you,

Seeley Okie