Elementary Schools Philosophy

The Belmont Elementary School program (K-4) is designed to assist children in the process of growing up and of preparing them to live useful lives as citizens. Its purpose is to promote maximum growth and development in emotional stability, social adjustment, physical development, and mental abilities as student’s progress through the grades.

The framework of the elementary school is based on the philosophy that public education is the chief instrument for achieving the goals of American democracy. In order that these goals may be attained, the elementary school provides experiences which develop understandings, attitudes, and skills necessary to democratic living and at the same time provide for the adjustment of the individual to the group.

The school and community are inseparable. The program of instruction derives vitality and purpose from the resources of the community and, in turn, lifts and enriches the level of life in the community. The elementary schools recognize that the community consists of individuals who live, work, play and learn together. Those who attend school shall bear the imprint of the family and community life which they have experienced. Teachers shall take advantage of, and build upon, what is already available to the child in her or his environment.

Burbank School Core Statement


  • Showing interest and excitement about school projects and extending learning outside school
  • Developing, sharing and challenging abilities and talents
  • Respecting and fostering different styles of learning
  • Recognizing effort and achievement by individuals and groups
  • Taking risks as learners and using mistakes as opportunities to learn
  • Demonstrating the 3Rs (Rights, Responsibility, Respect)
  • Showing respect for each other and our environment
  • Working together and cooperating with each other
  • Celebrating all kinds of differences and similarities
  • Taking pride in our work
  • Respecting individual safety and safety of others
  • Seeking help when needed
  • Expressing, listening, caring and honoring ideas
  • Demonstrating social responsibility
  • Participating as a member of a supportive, caring school community

This Code of Behavior and Respect is a combined effort by members of the Burbank School community.  The student behavior code is based on the need to create and maintain a positive and safe climate of behavior. We also want children to carry over from the home those positive attitudes about good behavior that they have learned.