K-4 Visual Art Resources

Grab a pencil, pen, or other art materials you have and create from any of these prompts:

  • A treasure map.
  • An imaginary planet.
  • Draw something without taking your pencil off of the paper.
  • Botanical Study: Find a flower or plant from nature. Study it carefully before drawing and draw it large-scale (fill your paper). Color your drawing if you have supplies available.

Digital Resource:


K-4 Music Resources

  • Berlin Philharmonic Free Streaming: Watch a wonderful orchestra play a piece of music with your family!
  • Take a Lesson with Little Kids Rock: Check out this website if you are interested in learning to play body percussion, compose a song, or perhaps play an instrument you have at home.
  • Musical Storybook Classic: Watch a narrated story with musical themes representing each of the characters. Peter and the Wolf is a music classroom favorite. Runs about 27 mins.
  • Rhythm Randomizer: Click on the rhythm shown and it will automatically change to a new random rhythm. Chant the rhythm on rhythm syllables, bah, or play on an instrument (recorder, drum, violin, etc.)
  • Family Road Trip Songs  Singing together can be a fun way to spend time with your family and make the time go by faster while you're riding in the car. Some songs can also help teach you about things like science or math.