Delayed Opening/Inclement Weather

Inclement weather may force the closing of schools or delayed opening of one or two hours.  Local T.V. and radio stations are the best source of NO SCHOOL notices. Announcements are made on these stations: 

The BPS website will also provide information, and the district will use our communication avenues to alert families.  There will be days on which parents, particularly parents of elementary school students, might feel that their children should be kept home because of weather. Although such absences are a parental responsibility and will be recorded as absences for the child, school authorities understand such decisions, provided they are implemented with discretion and care.

In the event that school opening is delayed, please note that the delay will be exactly one or two hours from the usual time: 

  • Usual Time
  • One hour delay Time
  • Two Hour Delay Time

For more information visit BPS Closing information page